Has Justin Trudeau Finally Eaten Too Many Tide Pods?

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    dark intellectual web

    What is the dark intellectual web? I never heard this phrase before. Can I have a few URLs so I can see where you are coming from?

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    I dont see that as a problem, might even be progressively good and forward thinking in modern secular awareness and acceptance of gender neutrality.

    The problem is, many of today's self-proclaimed "Liberals" are neither liberal or progressive, in fact, they are bordering on the realm of anti-science most the time and pushing the needle of authoritarianism further and further. If you can't stand back and see that happening, you are listening to the wrong conversations and news.

    And it's being pushed by a large force (of whatever you want to call it). I, and everyone I know, and even some people who are considered controversial on the subject of gender pronouns, would give someone the courtesy of calling them by their preferred pronoun. But that isn't enough, you get this type of Trudeau nonsense, and you get people who could face legal charges and being labeled as hate for misgendering someone, either intentionally or unintentionally.

    And the problem continues down this authoritarian path, namely the obstruction of truly free speech, curbing fact and scientific discussion in favor of emotive outrage, trying to make laws around something that is nebulous and "fluid". There are heavy implications here. There is much larger discussion intellectuals are willing to have, and it's getting most of them labeled as bigots, even though they are by all accounts truly politically liberal and progressive.

    This PC utopian movement should be far more frightening to all of you. You are spending all your time on hating Trump and his bombastic wrecking ball nature, and not giving an ear to what the hell happened to create President Trump and finding a rational way of fixing it. Trump isn't the one anyone wanted break up what is going on, but he is the person (for good or bad) that has shaken it up to reveal some pretty ugly truths about where we are heading. So instead of curling up in this cult-like bubble of authoritarian leftism, start taking a real look at what is happening. Find out what your core values are and who you might share common ground with that you are shunning because of your blind hate for the Trumpanator.

    The Democrats in this country could so easily beat Trump if they wanted to, but instead, they are radically doubling down on the same bullshit, even more, rabidly than before, that gave us this anomaly. Real liberals and real progressives need to stop being ostracized and shunned by the authoritarian left for calling out crap like this Trudeau thing because the right is accepting them with open arms even though many of their political ideas are not "conservative". Journalism has turned into political activism (right and left, but left owns most the media), celebrities are posturing as intellectuals and our moral compass... give me a break, I hope the era of these Trudeau hypocrites are almost passed us.

    “You can’t wish yourself into a better tomorrow because you will try to create a utopia...and utopia always leads to dystopia...You cannot make a cosmology or an epistemology out of oppression and resistance. It leads to madness." -- Eric Weinstein

  • freemindfade
    What is the dark intellectual web? I never heard this phrase before. Can I have a few URLs so I can see where you are coming from?

    That was a phrase just recently coined by Eric Weinstein about a growing group of people having open discussions, they have varied ideas, and philosophies, but the one thing they all share is that they are for free speech and open discussion. Most are labeled alt right now, even some who are definitely liberal in political compass. Its a movement. Some of the people I would say that are spearheading it and have been demonized by the authoritarians and embraced by people tired of being over censored are:

    Dave Rubin

    Sam Harris

    Eric & Bret Weinstein

    Jordan Peterson

    Joe Rogan

    Ben Shapiro

    and many more

    They have some fascinating conversations, Agree or disagree with what they say, they ask the right questions and keep discussions going. For instance, in most every way, Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris are at odds, but they have the willingness to have the discussions.


    “Everything is up in the air right now from our political institutions, from the to our educational institutions to our media institutions. If the dial of ideas was turned on low for the last few years it is quickly moving into the hot position.”

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    Manhattan should be called Peoplehattan. And don't even get me started over the Isle of Man.

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    ffs watch the two videos Simon posted. Canada has a PM who seems soft on pro-ISIS migrants

    well, seems. To me the earth seems flat and immobile ;-).

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Jacobi - so you saw the first video.

    Like me, you must have noticed that the audience guy asking the question was worried about ISIS-friendly migrants and any possible negative impact they would have in Canada. You also no doubt noticed that Saint Trudie completely ignored his concerns and went on to speak about refugees in general.

    And the second vid? What did you think about McCuntyface's constant evasion?

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