JW Convention 2017

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  • naja

    11 years ago in 2006 the motto was: Deliverance NEAR at Hand

  • sir82

    I'm not sure what the reason the WT$ set it up like this.


    I can tell you exactly why:


  • steve2

    Anyone remember the old Petula Clark hit from 1967, "Don't Give Up"? If I had access to youtube, I'd post it here: A jaunty, bouncy pop song with great sing-a-long lyrics.

    "Don't give up

    Don't let it get you down

    Don't give up

    Don't think of leavin' town

    Don't give up

    Don't run away from it...

    Love will be yours in the end...

    my friend...etc."

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    paladin 1

    You are not the only one who seems greatly inconvenienced this time around in having to drive nearly 3 times the distance this year for the R.C.

    That's because things just seem more and more bizarre all over the place.

    ''Ready to obey instructions whether or NOT they seem strategic from a human standpoint or not'', seems to be the reasoning now more and more.

  • Finkelstein
  • pale.emperor

    There's definitely a sense of panic as the JW's hemorrhage members. You only have to take a look at how the theme of the conventions has suddenly changed from appealing to witnesses AND non witnesses to just witnesses (they really love those exclamation marks don't they?):

    2007: Follow The Christ

    2008: Guided By Gods Spirit

    2009: Keep On The Watch!

    2010: Remain Close To Jehovah!

    2011: Let Gods Kingdom Come!

    2012: Safeguard Your Heart!

    2013: Gods Word Is Truth!

    2014: Keep Seeking First Gods Kingdom!

    2015: Imitate Jesus

    2016: Remain Loyal To Jehovah!

    2017: Don't Give Up!


    Please!!!!! Take an invitation!!!!



  • tepidpoultry

    @paladin1 I know from past years that the reason usually has to do with

    the logistics of stadium rental at a deemed reasonable rate

    Coupled with hotels/motels that will cooperate with Watch Tower


  • tepidpoultry

    Re: sir82

    Working in Convention accounts we were told

    that ConventionsTM were the single biggest source of the Society's



  • Finkelstein

    Theme for the 2018 summer Assembly .......

    " Stay Away From False Charlatans "

    Theme for the 2019 summer Assembly ......

    " Appease Jehovah By Lying For Him "

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