JW Convention 2017

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  • waton
    I'm not sure what the reason the WT$ set it up like this. Is this happening in other regions? paladin:

    Among the reasons might be:

    1) making a bigger show, jw crowds with lapel cards walking in crowded cities like Vancouver . publicity, advertise, advertise.

    2) in the disenfranchised assembly cities, sending a message to local elders, who are the stars of the yearly boost fest, that they are dispensable . (that is why that these are lukewarm , if not also unsympathetic to plight of the many marginalized elderly, families, that do not want to waste the energy, the thousands of $$ for what will turn out to be nothing more than a linked video event. The R &F already fell used as mere props. extras.

    3) keep churning among the jws at a maximum, to prevent time for thoughtful reflection.

    Not to say that the 1958 conventions were not notable events, but this is 60 years of unfulfilled promises later.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Why not write it in proper English and say "Do Not Give Up".

    The abbreviation "Don't" is slovenly, poor English . That will be picked up by anyone over 40 in the U K

    Standards are falling all around, in that organisation .

    Petula Clark is British and her fans are all over the age of 40 and that song is at least 50 years old I'm guessing. Standards started slipping a long time ago apparently...in the UK.

    Besides that, Do Not Sleep in the Subway Darling, just doesn't have a nice ring to it.


  • smiddy

    A Free Public Event given by JW`s to the general public.

    I was a JW from 1960_1993 , attended national and International Conventions along with Circuit Assemblys and Congregation invitations to public talks and NEVER was their any PUBLIC of any significance that ever attended any venue that I ever attended .

    They were attended by JW`s and relatives of JW`s or JW`s from other areas not assigned to that particular venue.

    NEVER was their any public of any significance that came along ( except maybe for one or two who came out of curiosity)

    What are your observations about this fact.? Did you ever see great numbers of the general public ever to attend a JW meeting via an invitation ?

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