JW Convention 2017

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  • Gorbatchov

    The theme is for internal use.

    Reminds me that the only public part of the convention is the public speech when the chairman begins to speak formally 😲


  • schnell

    When I was in Prepaid Legal, an MLM pyramid scheme that sells a service that should be called legal insurance but isn't, my upline said something interesting. "If you don't make it to the annual seminar, the chances are you're going to quit the program." Of course, I agree with him.

    The regional convention is just such a seminar.

  • Pete Zahut
  • UnshackleTheChains
    The theme sounds a little bit desperate!
  • tepidpoultry

    Maybe a "worldly" person would think that the JWs are trying

    to encourage folks in view of the Trump Presidency


  • BluesBrother

    Marking this thread by adding that , assuming the invite is the final one, with no disrespect to the poster.....Why not write it in proper English and say "Do Not Give Up".

    The abbreviation "Don't" is slovenly, poor English . That will be picked up by anyone over 40 in the U K

    Standards are falling all around, in that organisation .

  • Finkelstein

    Convention Theme for 2017.......

    " Don't Give Up, Armageddon is Just Around The Corner....We Really Mean It This Time "

  • waton

    It use to be stand firm, relax and see the salvation, now it is the Roger Bannister look alikes?

    It was easy not to give up in 1919, the race had a finish line 6 years away, 1925. It is impossible to stop in a sprint like that, with the momentum.

    Those that did not give up after that ( there were no winners) only losers, then ahead were vague wt distance markers, 1941? but then

    in the 1960s, , another ~ 7 year sprint to 1975 , again the wt finish line evaporating, contest hope wasted, only losers again, now we live with

    overlapping anointed centenarians (like F Franz) in a relay race that has a tentative finish line in 2072,** but for the Herd of Other Sheep longer, perhaps 2075.

    ** ( the anointed generation will end before the end) .

    This is historic : for the first time a wt race is under way, where all the participants will either be dead or of retirement age. breathtaking. reporting not endorsing. QoB.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The convention should be a runaway success with the memorable image of witnesses fleeing as fast as they can......................

  • ToesUp

    "The theme sounds a little bit desperate!"

    Music to our ears...WT is desperate. Karma, it typically catches up to most. Karma is coming for WT. Lots of smiles here.

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