My jaw dropping OMG moment at the end of the convention

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  • UnshackleTheChains
    Maybe we need Brother Splane to splane the number of overlapping partakers and faketakers with a chart and a pointing stick

    Well given there is somewhere in the region of 14000 or so individuals who ate and drank at this year's memorial; at least half of these must be faketakers and the other half partakers. 😯. Brother Splane needs to exchange his stick for a magic wand to work this all out!

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I don't know ... that seems like a heck of a lot of people partaking by mistake. There must be some kind of brain-virus epidemic among JWs for there to be so many of them making that particular mistake. I think if we check the records it will be seen that the number of partakers stopped decreasing soon after Watchtower had new light reversing the teaching that the heavenly calling ended in 1935.

    The increase in partakers is evidence that JW anointings are not coming from Jehovah's spirit but are basically based on individual bravery and the permission implicit in Watchtower doctrine. When the org. dropped the 1935 cut-off for new anointeds, they implicitly gave permission for more JWs to claim to be anointed and thus we see an increasing number of anointed. This also begs the question - for those who believe in god and anointing - how many truly anointed JWs have rejected their anointing because they were dissuaded from accepting that calling by Watchtower teachings? I seem to remember Jesus saying something about the wicked religious leaders shutting up the kingdom of heaven, preventing others from going in...

  • sparrowdown

    Unshackle - LOL!! @ magic wand. He could use his d*#k if he wanted it still wouldn't make sense.

  • jp1692
    UTC: I looked around thinking are intelligent individuals in the audience really buying this nonsense.

    Sure. Intelligence alone is not sufficiently protective against cult indoctrination. One must be familiar with the methods of mental manipulation and self-aware to be protected. It also helps to have well developed critical-thinking skills, a strong sense of self and a willingness to question authority. How many fully indoctrinated JWs have any of those let alone the complete set?

    Finally, it's possible-perhaps even likely-that there were others wondering the same thing as you were. Remember, in a cult all doubts must be kept to one's self.

    You're here sharing yours anonymously on an Internet forum, and that's good. But how many active JWs did you discuss this with at the convention? I'm guessing none.

  • jp1692
    UTC: Most of the talks, videos, symposiums were in line with scripture if you have faith in the bible.

    I wonder how many people from other Abrahamic religions would agree with that statement?

    JWs have their own, unique and unconventional understanding of much of the Bible. Why is that? Are they really right and every other religion wrong?

    Next time you consider a particular scripture, ask yourself: How do I know what this scripture means? Is it because of what it actually says, or because of what I've been told it means?

    Google "exegesis" and "eisegesis" and see if you can determine which method of Bible interpretation the WTBTS uses.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Speaking as a former (blinded) believer, the fake partakers answer makes sense and the rank&file will buy it.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes I think my convention was very similar to yours and I noticed the same points.

    In particular the bethel brother emphasised that probably not all partakers at the memorial are genuine. So don't worry about the number, he said. (Are they going to stop publishing the number?) Then he said that "even if every single partaker is genuine" that still not all partakers count as part of the "overlapping generation". To be honest, to me he did not seem to say this with a great deal of conviction. It was a part of the talk he had to get through.

    On the other hand he was much more confident delivering what I think is the strongest JW argument for living in the "last days". That's the observation that WW2 is pretty much the worst war humanity can ever expect to fight without ending civilisation itself. So therefore the end must come before a future war escalates into nuclear holocaust and the end of humanity.

    Although he mentioned 607 a number of times, this seemed to be in relation to Habakkuk rather than tying it with 1914. I didn't really follow this point to be honest.

    What I thought was totally weird was the way everyone uses tablets rather than Bibles. I use the Bible. Plus when they "released" the children's book but had no copies to hand out, was very disappointing.

    I actually laughed out loud when the speaker said, "we are 103 years into the 'short period of time'". I honestly thought it was meant as a self-deprecating joke. Probably not, I thought I heard others laugh too, but maybe imagined it.

    I met an "unbelieving husband" who recommended I watch "Cedars, JW survey" on YouTube. I pretended I didn't know what he was talking about! Sorry about that, if you're reading this. You know who I am now!

    I met a few others who were enjoying the event to various degrees without necessarily believing it all. (Again you know who you are. I won't get too specific!)

    And lots of friendly true believers too of course.

    It was in general quite a friendly open atmosphere. The talks were not too hardline. In fact most were pretty enjoyable, like the one about the animals. And the drama was pretty good. The anti-gay bit was the only bit I didn't really like. Funny how they had a "Joe" character who was like Joey out of Friends.

    As I say, to me the weirdest thing was the lack of book releases, and lack of Bibles, with everyone using tablets instead.

  • jp1692
    UTC: The speaker dogmatically mentions the important year 607bce about 3 or 4 times. He mentions 1914 a couple of times, 1919, and even mentions the generation and refers to brother Splanes [sic] very good explanation and diagram on 🙄

    Personally, I think Splane (or who ever is really in charge at the WTBTS) plagiarized that chart from this three year old thread on this forum:


    1. January 15, 2014: Watchtower Study Article: "Let Your Kingdom Come" But When?, (p. 30-31, paragraphs 14 - 16): WT attempts to explain 1st & 2nd Groups of "THIS GENERATION [That] WILL NOT PASS AWAY"
    2. April 2014: Oubliette posts a chart on JWN parodying the Overlapping Generation (OG) nonsense
    3. September 2015: Splane attempts to 'splain the OG nonsense using a chart suspiciously derivative of one previously posted here on JWN. (Click here for a review of that jw-tv episode).

    Careful readers will notice the footnote in the above chart about conflicting dates for Fred Franz' baptism. This is a point in WT "theology," chronology and history that previously has not been discussed much, and curiously Splane also refers to this obscure point in his presentation.

    Coincidence? Conspiracy theory?

    Do the math!

  • pale.emperor

    By the way Pale Emperor will add one more next year , partakers fell for decades then this reversal, it must have the boys on the boardroom of Warwick worried.

    You're right Chook. I'll be turning up and eating and drinking. Just to annoy the hell out of them. May even give some of the bread to my little girl too.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    I actually laughed out loud when the speaker said, "we are 103 years into the 'short period of time'". I honestly thought it was meant as a self-deprecating joke. Probably not, I thought I heard others laugh too, but maybe imagined it.


    you summed up this talk really well. I also had to control myself. I just found the first half incredible and also noticed that the speaker didn't seem convinced by what he was saying during the first 30 minutes. I would love to know what he was truly thinking.

    To put the cherry on the icing, having tight pants Tony telling us all the the GB loves us sounded patronising. Where was the mention about Jesus loving us???

    The older guy in front of me who I am aquanted with appeared to sigh a number of times at some of the points you mentioned. It was quite noticeable. I have reason to believe he is awake as commented during the break about the 'happy jolly music' and giving a funny facial expression. I joked with him about it.

    I also noticed quite an increase in brothers sporting beards. These brothers are bravely making a statement to the GB ie it's perfectly natural and normal for men to grow beards. Change is taking place my Friend.

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