My jaw dropping OMG moment at the end of the convention

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Yes folks. Over the past few days I can honestly say the Convention was relatively quite good. Most of the talks, videos, symposiums were in line with scripture if you have faith in the bible. Yes there was the blame it on the rank and file video and reference to 1975; the no mincing of words talk about safeguarding children from what is evil.

    However, the very last talk 'Keep in will not be late' blew everything else out of the water.

    The brother mentioned 3 or 4 questions to which he gave what sounded like answers that made the Governing Body sound infallible. (Sorry I didn't take notes)

    The speaker dogmatically mentions the important year 607bce about 3 or 4 times. He mentions 1914 a couple of times, 1919, and even mentions the generation and refers to brother Splanes very good explanation and diagram on 🙄

    He then mentions how we are 103 years into Christ's kingdom reign and brings out Daniel chapter 12 about Michael being Jesus Christ.

    Whilst I was sitting there thinking how incredibly good the GB are at weaving bible truths with delusional errors, suddenly the clanger of all clangers comes along. I actually sat forward in my seat with my jaw virtually hitting the floor in disbelief at what was said.

    It was the speakers reference to the partakers at the memorial. He rhetorically asks if it mattered about the number of partakers at this year's memorial? He then goes on to explain more or less that the number of partakers doesn't matter as some of these ones have partaken by mistake? But that everything is still on track regarding God's timing for the end of this system, that it will not be late.

    Like What did he just say?????????

    I looked around thinking are intelligent individuals in the audience really buying this nonsense.

    Am still in disbelief!

  • Finkelstein

    But that's the excuse the WTS is making as to why the numbers are increasing.

    They are many who are partaking by mistake or delusional undertaking.

    It could never be that the WTS heads (GB) made up a false doctrine. ???

    And you know what it was the R&F members who went ahead with promoting and holding on to 1975 the GB heads had nothing to do with it.

  • Chook

    The partakers are on the rise , their in a dilemma the numbers are rising fast , prewarn to soften the blow to the RF , if the steam train of numbers can't flatten they will cease to count then give some bullshit excuse as to these mundane matters don't really matter. They will drink the koolaid no matter what flavour.

  • btlc
    : Am still in disbelief!

    Same here... i had "wtf" expression when speaker explained that "the generation" must be the ones who "saw with their own eyes and clearly understood what happened in 1914". WTF??? Since when they "clearly understood" what happened in 1914? Literaly nothing happened what they expected! They needed lumpy Rutherford to explain "what really happened in 1914" years later!

  • Chook

    By the way Pale Emperor will add one more next year , partakers fell for decades then this reversal, it must have the boys on the boardroom of Warwick worried.

  • nowwhat?

    Here in cleveland we had an older very sincere brother give the talk. Felt sorry for him but talk about grasping for straws and wishful thinking!. Why can we be sure the end is so close? Because the overlapping generation of the first generation that saw the events of 1914 Are getting very up there in age! Are you kidding me?!! and all this convoluted 607 1914 crap tells us it will not be late! Then at the end video Tony Morris said the" end is imminent!!" So are we to listen to him or Jesus who warned about those saying the end is near. Honestly there was some benifical parts but the last talk reaffirmed they have their feet planted firmly in the air

  • sparrowdown

    So no need to worry bout partaker numbers going up because the some them are fake...h hm...I mean "mistaken" lol.

    So how do they determine the partakers from faketakers?

    Maybe we need Brother Splane to splane the number of overlapping partakers and faketakers with a chart and a pointing stick.

  • Hope131
    You just made my day! I was laughing so hard and am sure I will keep laughing throughout the day! Thanks!
  • stuckinarut2

    It clearly does NOT matter what they spew forth... The GB are still the oracles for truth...

    Makes my head hurt.....

  • sparrowdown

    @stuckinarut "...oracles for truth" yeah lol, more like The Great Orifice of Bullshit

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