My jaw dropping OMG moment at the end of the convention

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  • UnshackleTheChains
    Personally, I think Splane (or who ever is really in charge at the WTBTS) plagiarized that chart from this three year old thread on this forum


    That's amazing lol. It really wouldn't surprise me.

    One thing I do know having worked in some large organisations is that letters, emails and constructive criticism is ALWAYS considered. Its what large organisations do.

    From my own experiences, change has come about by such. The pen is mightier than the sword.

  • waton
    even mentions the generation and refers to brother Splanes very good explanation and diagram --"

    UtC: according to that diagram, the overlapper similar or older that F. Franz would now be < 39 years old. doing the math:

    Franz died in 1992 , age ~98. "serving" 78 years in the anointed generation since 1914, starting < 20 years since his birth. A similar partaker, , aged 20 years at Frederik's death, born in 1978 would be 39 years old now. living out his life, with improvements would bring us to 2075. David put that proviso in his talk, allowing for older anointed overlapping whether they like it or not.

    The standard, no fake partaker, serious anointed like Franz is now 39 or less years old. and Jesus said that

    "the tribulation will be cut short to save some flesh." No anointed flesh will be saved, they will be gone at the onset of the GT. axed. (Rev 20 ) . to leave the GC to be the generation after all. and these can overlap naturally, unlike the Freddies of this world.

    PS: If only the amazing flood would not have left the talking snakes speechless....

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    For an organization that "isn't serving with a date in mind" and who claim that number of memorial partakers doesn't matter, they sure talk about dates and the "nearness" of the end a lot. They also keep a careful count of the number of partakers as if in fact the number is in fact important to them.

  • Crazyguy

    It really doesn't matter because they have all the tribulation teachings backwards anyway. And aren't those that are part of the body of Christ all to go to heaven in a twinkling of an eye anyway. Man they have the whole end time thing screwed up!!!

  • WTWizard

    It will not be late? This means "Keep working for your own enslavement and damnation, no matter how long it takes. You are going to be enslaved, and we will work tirelessly toward that end." And, even if "it" did come, I think most people would be rather disappointed that "it" is their enslavement and damnation, and that of the whole world. No paradise, no living forever, no financial security (just poverty and misery, while working for a master that is insatiable), no nothing.

  • waton

    Crazyguy: of course they screwed themselves with all those past teachings, but we do not have to go back to 600 BC, the twisted the Pretzel these last decades, in front of all. and it matters, because their authority stands or falls with veracity.

    They changed the Jesus generation time from " not passing away" to " passing away"

  • steve2

    Unshackle the Chains, you said the number of partakers this year was 14,000.

    Are you sure that's the number for this year, 2017?

    If it is, then it's over 4,000 fewer than last year (2016) when more than 18,000 were said to have partaken of the emblems.

    See the 2017 Yearbook.

  • smiddy

    Whatever the number of partakers their is this year it is certainly well over the lowest number of approximately 8000 of a few years ago.

    Remember the number stayed around 8000 of many ,many years without ever going below it. (35 ?)

    The fact that it started going up to the level it is now doesnt fare well with the education JW`s are getting from the Governing Body if the rank & file cant differentiate who is of the annointed class and who is of the earthly class .

    We had no such problem when I was in during the 60`s-80`s .

  • jambon1

    I'm interested why slimboyfat can interpret the convention as 'not being too hard line' when they've produced blatant homophobic material and what will be arguably terrifying footage for children of a woman being turned into a pilar of salt for disobeying god.

    This was the sort of material that would have my young daughter having to entertain nightmarish dilemmas about her unbelieving families.

    In addition, I'm sure those young kids in the audience (or even adults) will be delighted to know that their natural state of being homosexual is yet again frowned upon/considered immoral by their entire social network. That'll really help their emotional advancement into adulthood no end.

    Its sick in the mind and if this sort of thing is now passing for being reasonable material then it shows desensitised to their cruelty one can become if exposed to it enough*.

    * excluding children whom it quite clearly profoundly affects in a negative sense.

  • slimboyfat

    The "terrifiying footage" of the woman being turned to salt was not that terrifying really. Not as bad as some of the old pictures of Armageddon you used to get for example.

    On the gay issue, I thought it was interesting the wife said something like, "gay people are born that way, they don't choose it". Which a lot of JWs will agree with. Society is changing attitudes on this issue pretty rapidly. JWs will probably come to terms with it at some point. A few years ago JWs would have insisted it was a choice and people are not born gay. So like others they are moving in that direction slowly but surely.

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