Do You Know Of Anyone Who Left JWs And Then Decided To Return?

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  • WingCommander
    I admit that for a long time, even though I was Physically Out, I was Mentally In. Even up till a few years ago (before 2010) I had thought that maybe if the WT played nice, etc that maybe someday I'd return because, "What if they are really right?" This was AFTER reading COC, ISoCF, Apocalypse Delayed, etc, etc. After a lifetime of being treated like shit and a 2nd Class Citizen even! However, once 2014 came and went, WT Broadcasting premiered, the new song book, the Silver Sword Bible (retarded!), Overlapping Generations from Splain, begging for money from Lett (May 2015 broadcast) the "Cart Song", the convention videos, the ARC, the local (Pennsylvania) abuse cases coming out and making the news, the KH sell-offs, etc.....after witnessing all THAT shit in the past few years, I've come to the concrete conclusion that the WT Org is completely full of SHIT, that they are a lying, manipulative, corrupt, self-serving, money-grubbing CULT that I will NEVER return to. I hope they crash and burn in my life time. F*ck 'em!
  • Vidiot

    One or two.

  • VIII


    I recently received an email from my DM-DHJW (Dear Mother-Die Hard JW) who told me in no uncertain terms that I'm a flawed person who, while having done nothing "technically" worth DFing over, will still Die at Armageddon unless I return to Jehovah ASAP and ask for forgiveness for all I've done. (Anyone see the idiocy of that statement?)

    This email was filled with quotes from the JW org page. It was formatted oddly in a different font. Lots of bible quotes. I didn't bother reading it. She lost me at "you're going to Die at Armageddon". Uh, I'm going to take my chances and see what happens.

    She also asked me if I would honor her wishes and follow her "No Blood" card. I said yes verbally. If she wants to die a martyr for those idiots, so be it. You can't fix stupid. My DH is on the fence with this. I'd rather be there when she goes than have the local Elders standing over her telling me and/or the doctors that those were her wishes.

    These are the reasons that just make me more determined than ever not to go back to the Evil Empire.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My sister-in-law got pregnant and disfellowshipped. In the time she was "out," she didn't do any research on JW's. Eventually, her parents got divorced and each separately became baptized JW's. Both had only been lifelong meeting attenders prior to that and got 2 of the 3 kids (including my wife) baptized.

    My SIL had made one early attempt to go back, but didn't want to go through the shunning and answering questions from elders, so she was there and gone again.

    When her reason for being disfellowshipped was more than halfway through high school, my SIL decided that her son needed "the truth" and that she needed to go back. She went through all that stuff.

    This is a pretty common story- people go back because they did not actually make "the truth" their own. They did no research and many assumed the fault was theirs and they felt guilty about leaving Watchtower (or Jehovah).

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I also know a few, and I'm no social butterfly, so it must be pretty common.

    I'm not one of them.

  • minimus

    You know what really must suck? When a faithful Jehovah’s Witness refuses blood for his family and they die. Then the witness realizes how the blood Rule was totally misconstrued and Woefully wrong. It’s terrible to be responsible for the death of someone who is innocent.

  • skin

    The sad thing about is many people leave the religion but the religion never leaves them

    That is true, and come to think of it, that is probably the reason most of us come here...

  • Phoebe

    My JW friend left for 15 years and then went back!

    Now she's riddled with guilt that during those 15 years all her kids went out the 'truth' and it's all her fault.

  • Crazyguy

    My last hall I seen about 3 men come back to get reinstated then faded away. One of the three had left the cult and joined the Mormons in 1976. After years he left that cult and came back. I pretty sure his main motive was family since he has some siblings in the cult. Got reinstated then married. I could tell from taking to him I think he’s awake but and older gentleman with really no down side not joining the cult and having ready made friends and a new wife. He was also awake from the Mormons and new some deep secrets of that cult.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    It seems that there are a lot of ex-JW's going back of late. More than I've ever seen.

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