Do You Know Of Anyone Who Left JWs And Then Decided To Return?

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  • minimus

    Good reason never to return

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    I agree minimus. I won't return again! It took every ounce of fight in me to stand up and say this is wrong to my JW family.

    They are shunning me now no phone calls for the last 6 months. I had hoped they would investigate but they love men they've never met more than their son. So I guess I know where I rank. Moving forward my children and wife come first I love them with all my heart I will be a better father than I had!

  • skin

    An old JW friend of mine from the 1990's moved away and left WT (rumor had it for not accepting some teachings), I had not seen or heard of him for more than 15+ years, but at this last convention I spotted him in the crowd sitting not to far away from where I was. Then to impact on the shock of seeing him there, he turned out to also be an attendant.

  • belogical

    I am on my second fade. This time more serious with my Internet searches and I was alive in 75 .

    The WT org is now rerunning 1975 all over again Now didn't the Ezekiel book come out before 75 Yes sometime around them . the new Ezekiel book will stir the troops into deep prophetic thought all over again. one brother recently told me he was downsizing and moving to some hick town out in the country where the need is great and very few elders. probably thinks he will be a ms then elder there,, I looked at an Asian mum and her little child coming out of the supermarket the other day. they looked so sweet and I said to myself No God is not going to destroy them just for being people and not a JW

  • minimus

    It’s silly accepting that view that everyone will die ACCEPT JWs... I couldn’t go back to a religion that I know is wrong, flawed and ignorant.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Only those who left for 'fleshly desires'. They want to have fun, etc, but always still think it's the truth and return. Those who know TTATT have never seen any return.

  • smiddy3

    The sad thing about is many people leave the religion but the religion never leaves them .

    And that is because :

    1.They have never seriously questioned the beliefs of JW`s and researched their doctrinal teachings.

    And its all about feelings and attitudes and don`t know or even care about doctrines its all emotional.

    2.Their are many that go back knowing its not the truth however go back for sentimental family ties they have.

    3.And a small portion go back in the belief they can somehow gradually wake up a family member or a close friend that they believe they can free.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • LOLS

    My JW husband & his entire family Left some 15 years ago & no-one in the family can tell me why & believe me I've asked a few times & they have all returned & are in it 110% .

    My husbands excuse is that he was young & wanted to have fun & it was because Satan was influencing him ..... But he always believed that it was the only true religion... Bla bla bla

    I think his Father & Mother left because his mother was a raging alcoholic cause she lived with a bully of a husband , but they will never tell me I guess ......

    And as for my husband & his 3 siblings I think they all followed Daddy back to the cult , so they don't miss out on their inheritance .....

    So sad what people do for this cult

  • joe134cd

    I think those that leave for intellectual reasons are more deffinant with their decision and are less likely to return than those who leave for more secular reasons,

  • minimus

    Joe is right. If we just review the entire religion on the facts, you can’t ever want to go back. NOTHING they have predicted is correct. They CHANGE their “truths” whenever they desire. There is so much wrong with their beliefs!

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