Business class for Governing Body

by Sergey Antonov 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • EverApostate

    I had been arguing over this to my still in JW wife, who refuses to believe that the GB flies in business class. I even started a topic on this forum about this, a while back.

    Flying business class is still a pipe dream for me and my wife. And my hard earned money goes as a donation to make these conmen fly business class, along with all the Luxuries in life

  • DesirousOfChange

    And my hard earned money goes as a donation to make these conmen fly business class, along with all the Luxuries in life

    Time to put and end to that shit!

  • pale.emperor
    It doesnt surprise me at all. But then, at least they dont own their own jet (yet).
  • steve2

    What’s the beef with business class for frequent flyers? There are so very many legitimate issues with which to hold the GB accountable - business class ain’t one of them. As stated, it is not considered a luxury for people who fly frequently - given how cramped and potentially risky economy class is ( e.g., DVT). To even make it an issue reeks of petty mindedness. I guess next they’ll be criticised for having large screen or color TVs or - shock, horror! - air conditioning units in their apartments....

  • _Morpheus
    air conditioning units in their apartments.

    Ironically that is a sensitive topic for me... they charged bethelites for air conditioning when i there. They charged VOLUNTEERS working in 100 degree heat in the laundry for air conditioning. Bastards.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm surprised GB members don't fly in their own private planes.

    Guess they just have to slum it in business class ...

  • RubaDub

    Of course they fly business class. Do you think they would fly coach? They are heads of a mid size corporation. As rub pointed out, with all the miles they fly, it would be insane to think otherwise.

    Morpheus, Desirous of Change ...

    I think so many here are naive about travel. I guess we are the only ones who travel on business trips here on the board.

    The Society, or any other entity, would be blatantly stupid for not taking advantage of quantity discounts on travel, or anything else for that matter.

    About half of the time I get an upgrade to first/business class when seats are available. Other times, I am moved into the "premium" coach section that many airlines now offer. But if it is me versus an upper JW manager waiting for one remaining upgrade, guess what, he will get the seat, not me.

    Even we can arrange a cruise for 8-12 people, airline flights, hotels, etc. and any of us can get freebees and upgrades. Multiply that by the mass volume of travel that the Society arranges and yes, they get significant perks that the average traveler never sees.

    Why do you think the Society insists that you stay at an "approved" hotel for the Regional Conventions. If they guarantee 30, 40, 50 percent occupancy for the hotel, they get all sorts of benefits. It's just the way it is.

    It's no different than you or me buying a refrigerator. You buy one, you pay the price on the label. If you are a builder and need 25, you will get much better pricing. It's just obvious.

    Folks, please take your heads out of the sand.

    Rub a Dub

  • stillMS
    RubaDub - could you think of perks for showcasing Rolex/Apple watch on the JDub Broadcasting? Perks for advertising tablets to the 8-million audience?
  • Bad_Wolf

    Wonder what they got for pushing those tablets

  • steve2

    Excess in one area (Rolex watches) does not earn the charge of excess in areas that are considered standard practice in business (Business class). Good points Rubadub.

    Unfortunately, the politics of envy reigns supreme in many of the comments criticising business class.

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