Business class for Governing Body

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Rubadub - 100% agree. I travel frequently for work and get upgraded on a regular basis. And, I'm not a senior executive taking international trips. I can see how some folks that maybe don't have to travel for work could resent their upgrades but I believe there are other more meaningful things to hammer them on than this.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I was on a red eye from London to Dubai to India. One of those legs was nearly empty. I was told sit in whatever row I wanted. LOL. Only time I ever traveled First Class.

    In 1992 I arranged a bethel bus trip for 40 people, I made sure I only booked 40 not the 44 capacity of the bus. Cost was based on 40. The other 4 were for me, my mom, 1/2 price for a sister who helped with some phone work. The 4th slot I left unfilled. For every 15 room nights I booked, I got 1 free at each hotel. The bus driver also got comped by the hotels.

    4 to a room was $200 pp. $250 pp 2 to a room or $300 for a single in a room. 5 hotel nights, bus from St. Louis to NJ and NY. Then Walkill and Patterson (under construction), then Niagra Falls, and Canada Bethel, with DIY sightseeing available. Pretty reasonable. All other costs were on the traveler.

    Part of the trip was in Canada. When the trip was over, I applied for, and received, a refund of $200-300 of overpayments in taxes. Do you think I tracked down 40 people and divided it 40 ways? NO. Part of my compensation for putting together a really affordable trip. I was dirt poor, but even if I wasn't, I made a lot of long distance calls arranging the trip. In an era when internet, if available at all, was 300 baud Compuserve. No Travelocity. I had to do it the hard way, phone calls, faxes, mail, checks.

    My point is ...squirrel.... the GB travels so much I am sure it is still a Dub owned travel agency, so lots of comps and upgrades for all of the business WT does. Partly normal travel agency practice, partly sucking up to the GB ....

    Whole lot of tempest in a teapot. Let's focus on the real issues...hiding pedophiles, stealing money indirectly, trapping people in a cult....just saying.


  • Listener

    Snakes in the tower - is your costing right? At $200per person for four to a room makes it $800 for one room.

  • fulano

    I totally agree. I was not defending the GB. I wasted 40 years of my life from which 15 years in full-time service, so yes I hate that cult.

    On the other hand we have to be reasonable about travelling, their goods. I know how it works when you have some position in that religion. For some reason people like to give you money or stuff. And even if this watch was authentic, (wearing a gold colored watch is not my cup of tea anyway) it was a gift because with their allowance they could not afford it.

    Now it is the A/C. I tell you charging bethelites or missionaries for a A/C must have been a long long time ago. We had our air-conditionings in MS for free, in fact the branch almost insisted in having one fir a good night sleep in a tropical country.

    So let us write about the things Snakes mentioned and stop the old women chit-chat. Just my opinion.

  • _Morpheus
    Now it is the A/C. I tell you charging bethelites or missionaries for a A/C must have been a long long time ago

    are you implying im old? It was 1994, brooklyn. The practice didnt stop in 1994. Does that qualify as “a long long time ago”?

  • wannaexit
    I know a heavy in the Canadian Bethel that always travels first class. If this guy does, I am certain that the "governators" are doing the same.
  • fulano


    Morpheus, I was in missionary-service at that year and we were insisted to accept a a/c. Maybe missionaries were more spoiled than the bethelites. I really didn't know you were charged at those years for having one. At least when we arrived at Brooklyn in 99 we were not. No you are not old young man :).

  • fulano

    Wannaexit are you sure you are getting the point of this?

  • _Morpheus

    I dont know that missionaries were more spoiled, im sire it had a lot to do with being in a tropical setting. Apparently brooklyn wasnt “tropical”... when the newer rooms in 90 sands were built i think they were central air, but in my rooms (124 columbia heights, towers) the ac was strictly window shakers. They (tried) to charge us, even adding it to our monthly bill.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    Morpheus what do you mean adding it to you're monthly bill? What did you get billed for at Bethel? Were there other charges?

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