Business class for Governing Body

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  • Sergey Antonov
    Sergey Antonov

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have any confirmation that the Governing Body uses the business class for its flights?

    Also interesting is the information about the hours that were on the hand of one of the members of the Governing Body.

  • dozy

  • RubaDub

    I know for a fact that the GB members (and others near the top) fly first/business class when possible. With all the traveling that is done, the Society certainly has millions upon millions of miles banked so that when they travel, they can easily get an upgrade and get a seat in the front of the plane.

    I know first hand that in the past, they used their internal travel department and also sent some business to a brother that owned a travel agency.

    In any case, with all the flying done by CO's, Bethel Speakers, GB, Helpers, Assemblies, Conventions, etc. there are tons of air miles the Society keeps.

    And no, if you fly on the Society's dime, you do not personally keep the frequent flyer miles. They go into the collective pot.

    Rub a Dub

  • _Morpheus

    This has already been discussed in detail, including some asinine statements that business class is better than first class. It is not. It is a class of seating between coach and first class.

    Of course they fly business class. Do you think they would fly coach? They are heads of a mid size corporation. As rub pointed out, with all the miles they fly, it would be insane to think otherwise.

    As for “the hours on their hands”, i have no idea whats that about. Any details you could share would be helpful in formulating a response

  • DesirousOfChange

    As i read this, I realized that I can see it both ways:

    1)The GB are just humble servants like the rest of us, but being "used" (given different privileges of service) than are the R&F (like we are/were). Thus, they should be mindful of not wasting "dedicated funds". Ask yourself: What would Jesus do?

    2) They are the Corp bigshots of a multi-billion$ religion business. Many bigshot religious clergy have their own private Leer Jets (Joyce Meyer, etc), so the fact that the GB fly on commercial flights could be considered "humble" or "austere".

    I fly Business Class/First Class every opportunity that I can do so (if it is only a modest upcharge from the full fare ticket charge for not being able to purchase advance tickets) and esp when I'm using FF Miles, as I have over 1 million FF Miles from business travel. I certainly am not at the helm of a multi-billion$ business. So what makes more sense? The GB or ME in the VIP section? (ME, in my opinion HAHA).

    I'm sure the Bethel Travel Dept slaves think the GB are "worth it" and I suspect most JWs would say the GB "deserve" it too and cite the scripture with the expensive oil poured upon Jesus' head.

    The members of the GB that I have personally met would not be considered "humble" by anyone except a deluded JW.

  • zeb

    In my earliest days at a conv it was mentioned that bro whatever has flown in from wherever to be with us.

    I asked myself 'Was that necessary?' Yes he gave a an address. why wasnt it faxed over?

    I have realized since he was probably taking the takings back with him.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    If you check in with a suit and tie and your wife is dressed well you increase the opportunities to be upgraded to first class.

  • belogical

    can you imagine some of those big boys squeezing into coach. and then incidentally witness to their captive audience.

  • smiddy3

    So much for their is no clergy class or any distinction between a brother or sister in a K.H and any one else whether they give a talk , or a Co ,or even a Do and the G.B. ,they are all one and the same , just brothers doing their job .?

    And I bought that shit 58 years ago.

  • Vidiot

    'Course they don't fly third class.

    Have you guys seen Spanky McTightypants?

    No way that guy'd fit in a coach seat.

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