Business class for Governing Body

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  • hoser

    I think some of the kickbacks they receive from the CONvention rooming scam might be travel related as well. No matter what, the rank and file (myself NOT included) are paying for these fat cats to get a free ride.

  • stillMS

    _Morpheus - I guess the OP meant 'watches' instead of 'hours on their hands' (looks like Google Translate can be tricky sometimes :) ). And I guess this is not a secret, as well:

  • _Morpheus

    Watches does make sense, and yes its been dissected at length. There is no way to tell from the video if it is indeed a rolex of a knock off like an invicta. If ots a rolex the chances that it was purchased with wt money are nil. There is no way sam herd took his wt corporate credit card and bought a rolex. It didnt happen. Did he buy it himself..? Did a well off witness give it it to him? Theres lots of ways he could have gotten it if indeed it is a rolex.

    And it has nothing to do with a corporation buying business class travel for its senior execs.

  • Finkelstein

    Its just one of the reasons why the WTS's (GB) keep the orgazation's corruption on going.

    Treated special like a celebrity wherever you go in JWland. complete health and dental care, better accommodations most of the time, paid for air flights around the world.

    Its a good and rewarding retirement package for older men and their wives.

    The WTS may have been corrupt and devious in its publishing agenda but it now has a billions $$$ in real estate holdings and 8 million faithful submissive workers.

  • fulano

    stillMS. Please stop with this silly insinuations. As Morpheus wrote. You cant tell the brand of the watch, is it fake or not. And even if it is a Rolex, the society didn't pay for it.

    i personally, in his position wouldnt wear it in public, but then again, black men like gold neckledges, rings and watches. Anyway, not all full-time servants were or are poor beggars.

  • stillMS

    fulano - please, stop with blaming me for the things I haven't done or said. And BTW, your attempts to excuse the GB are a bit too much, IMHO.

    And just a music break - for calming things down:

  • Vidiot

    I gotta say, I was pretty gobsmacked when I first realized that these guys were literally wearing thousands of dollars on their own TV show.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Well that Rolex could certainly be a knock off. But check out the beauty that GB Jackson wore for the ARC interview. That was indisputably an Apple watch and it was golden in color. I am not aware of any company out there making an Apple Watch knock off.

    Long story short, he was wearing a $12,000 watch. Any average witness would have been scolded for flaunting such display "of one means of livelihood". Whether he bought it or got it as a gift makes no difference. Humbleness is a principle, not a situation. He could have straight out rejected the gift or passed it along to the organization as a donation.

    At least that is what he would have demanded of us.

    Regarding the First/Business class travel, there was a full time pioneer in my old cong with contacts high up. He had been sent in many trips as a backup CO and as an assembly delegate. He would never hesitate to show how well the org treated those who dedicated themselves like he did, which included first class travel. If such low laying underlying gets the royal treatment, what can you expect from the kings?

  • sparky1

    stillMS, here is an image of a fake Rolex next to a genuine Rolex. If you can tell the difference from just a photo than you are one expert on high grade watches! I have been collecting wristwatches for over 30 years and YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTWATCH IN YOUR HAND in order to determine its authenticity. I don't believe fulano was trying to excuse anyone on the Governing Body. He probably was just trying to bring some common sense to a nonsensical discussion.

  • stillMS

    sparky1 - I'm in no way expert on Rolex watches. I was just trying to help understand the OP's question, and used the first random image/video from related google search.

    No doubts, we're not here to bring judicial evidence for proving the authenticity of GB's watches. Still, both cases (fake or genuine Rolex sported on JW Broadcasting episodes) look weird to me.

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