I've had enough..

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  • Finkelstein

    I no longer profess to be a member of this organization, I have nothing to do with it,

    Well then Raven you have a choice of simply stating in a return letter or phone call that you made a personal choice to leave the organization and that you respect your responsibility as elders over the congregation.

    Make it short and sweet, they do this for their own appealing stature and power so you don't have to bow to them and nurse this kind of social behavior.

    I've always said if your going to leave the JWS and you have family and long time acquaintances, it makes sense to leave on quiet note, it makes them think and contemplate why and how come.

  • zeb

    "...my mother gave it to them"... wt mothers strike again!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Why do you think they're calling me in for a second JC? Since I skipped the last one I was invited to on August 1st?

    Because the "Elders Book" requires them to make multiple attempts to contact you to invite you to attend before they proceed with you.

    Good luck my friend. Go live life!!! [Just call me DOC]

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Was mentioned before, appointed grown men playing house with imagined power over individuals threatening action with their flamboyant signatures kind of insulting. I'd be temped to go in, produce said letter, not even give them the courtesy of sitting down and tell them how insulting their letter is then proceed to make huge flamboyant signatures of my own. End the 'meeting' on a brief note by ripping up letter in their face and throwing it up in the air letting the confetti fall randomly on the carpet. Offer them a goodwill handshake, wish them well, turn around showing them back of my neck and walk out on a brisk pace.hehe

  • Crabby
  • jwleaks

    Go down to the police station, tell them that you are not a member of the church and that these men are stalking you with the intent of asking you questions in relation to your private life including sensitive and personal information - and that you consider their actions to be sexual harrassment. Get the police to help you apply to the court for a restraining order.

  • stuckinarut2

    They are breaching appropriate boundaries.

    They are breaching appropriate boundaries.!

    Remember, the only power they have over you is that which you allow . So don't allow them any power over you.

  • raven

    INTROVERT2- Too funny, if only I had the courage to actually do that!

    DOC- I would consider the multiple phone calls and voicemail's I've received prior to these 2 letters as attempts of contact. So annoying! Have you ever dealt with anything like this?

    CRABBY- LOL!!!! Should I also bring a stripper pole with me too?! I bet they'd crap their pants.

    JWLEAKS- If it continues to be harassment and they don't stop even with my avoiding them, I will be taking the letters to the police station, and I've also saved the voicemails.. Stalkers..

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Raven, there usually has to be proof of delivery, but elders often do what they want. There is no rhyme or reason to how they apply their own rules. Two witnesses? Yes. But they can find a patsy to be the second if you have any loser relatives or enemies so don't be surprised if they DF you either way. If you do not acknowledge the letter and move on you are supposed to be ok so long as there aren't two people accusing you. So do not reply, either to them or by letting your mother know you got the letter. You seem so over this poop. Go and be blessed my child! You seem to smart and awake to go wading in the cesspool again.

  • raven


    I've noticed the elders seem to make some of their own rules to add into the existing rules.. I've been treading VERY lightly.. I've came up with a plan- Firstly I've received 2 letters and multiple phone calls & voice messages from them, blocked the phone numbers they were calling me on. I haven't acknowledged their letters, I also haven't told my mother I've received them, at this point I've figured it out, she is their spy in this, working with them ( giving them my address, playing along with the false anonymous tipper allegation to get me to turn myself in, and also she may provide them with info if I tell her I've received 2 letters at my door.. ) I have no plans on contacting these annoying elders. AT ALL. I've moved on with life, their whole point is to get me to confess, repent, leave my boyfriend, and return to the cult.. Nope. I've been living a great life since out, never been happier.. So now, since I am moving next week, this provides the perfect opportunity to disappear off the radar.. Don't you think they'd just give up already?

    ( are you an ex elder? )

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