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  • raven

    So last night, after thinking "Wow those pesky elders have finally left me alone, maybe since I skipped out on their JC invitation back on August 1st they've given up" WRONG.. I go to check the mail and there's an envelope at my front door- Lo and behold, ANOTHER letter from from these elders.. Why won't they leave me alone already? I'll attach a picture of the letter.. Again, same letter as the first one inviting me to a Judicial Committee on August 15th - and signed by all three elders.. Should I just continue to ignore? Quite frankly I don't give a rats arse I've been enjoying life free from the mind control of the organization, and I just wish they would drop it and let me live life.. Like I mentioned before, I am moving to a new home next week, the only reason these elders have my current address ( which happens to be over 100 miles away from the cong ) is because my mother gave it to them, after I gave it to her in confidence to forward me my mail.. So lets just say she won't be getting my new address... I don't have any contact with ones from this congregation (I'm an ex pioneer, so I'm sure if they've gotten word on what I'm doing, I must be Satan himself!) I do not feel I'm misleading anyone, I no longer profess to be a member of this organization, I have nothing to do with it, I've cut all ties completely and have made my mind up that I am done with it for good. Another point that really irks me is that they state in the letter to be reassured of their warm Christian love.. So they say they're just going to be nice and sweet to me if I go, basically coercing me into a cage like a dog.

    What do you all think of this? Thoughts appreciated.

  • raven

    MR FLIPPER- I would really appreciate if you commented on this one!

  • raven

    Side note ** A part of me really does feel bad in a way for ignoring and blowing off because some of these elders are nice people deep down ** But maybe it's just all made out to be this love bomb even though it's not, I would be walking into my own demise.

  • LostGeneration

    Your congo name is still in the letter FYI.

    I'd say you should just continue to ignore. Unless they stalked out your house and actually saw you get the letter, you still have deniability. That's not saying that they just won't proceed with the JC anyway, but once you make your way off the radar they may let it rest.

  • sir82

    They are following the procedure outlined in the elder's manual.

    If you don't care about the outcome, just ignore it.

    The elder's manual says that if you ignore the letter, they will hold the judicial committee without you, and (99.999% likely) disfellowship you.

  • pale.emperor

    Here's what you do: pop the letter back into the envelope and write RETURN TO SENDER, NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS. You never received it.

    Also, whoever the elder in the middle is his signature is rather flamboyant. Speaks volumes of his personality.

  • berrygerry

    You will be DF'd, plain and simple.

    The elders did not, do not, and never will, really care about you.

    They care about you being a member of the group.

    The same is true of family in the group.


    But cults, because they only serve the leader, exploit and pervert that useful habit and, to establish and maintain itself, does everything possible to destroy family ties, and any other secure and conventional anchor in a person's life. This has the effect of strengthening a member's bond with the cult and its leader. From this viewpoint, the cults that promote celibacy and the cults that encourage indulgence in sexual promiscuity are seeking the same ends — the destruction of normal family life and the substitution of dependence on the cult group authority.
  • ttdtt

    DON'T GO!

    Don't play into their game.

    Don't give them power over you.

    Don't assign them power or authority or credibility.

    Ignoring them is the best way to say that they don't matter.

  • LostGeneration

    Here's what you could do if you really wanted to mess with them a little..

    You say the letter was in your door, not mailed, right?

    Go down to the police station and file a report of harassment. Advise them of the situation, that you stopped going however long ago and don't consider yourself a member. The police will at least go have a talk with each of these fellas, might be fun if they squirm a bit.

    The cops could also tell you if a restraining order is possible based on this, wouldn't it be lovely to see each of them served with a restraining order?

  • raven

    Ignore the Cong name LOL

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