Overlapping Generations

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  • shadow

    wasn't Barr dead before the overlap?

  • sparky1

    Jack Barr died December 4, 2010.

  • LoyalLeon


    so that was a year before his death , uhm I mean a year before he received his heavenly reward


    looks like they waited until he was on his death bed to make a change , doesn't sound like spirit direction to me , must not be tribulation time as the second genner I studied with didn't sell all he owned , guy lives in a half million dollar home . You know the scripture about the little flock , sell it all and give it away... I can imagine even if they did ,they hide their ,"unrighteous riches," in a trust or something , these people have been so secretive and dishonest . I don't have issue with what they say about the government ,just research , bohemian grove , they actually worship a stone statue of an owl and they are extremely corrupt , pretty much what they say , satanic and corrupt , everyone knows that , I'm a 911 inside job guy , they did it to attack the bill of rights and start wars .

  • waton

    Jack Barr died December 4, 2010.

    Ordinary wt anointed overlappers are not barred from the generation, even if they are not of the GB.

    Although David Splane gave Fred Franz's as an age example , he admitted there would be older ordinary anointed, both in the 1914 group and the overlapping little flock.

    Taking him by his word, from 1992, the year of Franz's departure, or later, there would be more than 80 years after that.so,

    Not only is the dual group generation a brazen redefining of the terms, looking at the age of the players involved, stretches it on and on. Besides,

    The generation can not be the anointed, nor the other sheep.

  • Diogenesister
    My JW wife says she takes some things with a pinch of salt. She knows some teachings are BS, but still wholeheartedly believes they are right about most things.

    I understand that could be the case with a lot of their teachings, and you could still be a fully in JW.

    But 1914 is their central teaching, their cornerstone teaching. That Jesus arrived in 1914, choose the FDS in 1919 and that the generation that *saw that happen would not die before Armageddon starts, not just the GT but ARMAGEDDON.

    They are all now dead ergo Jesus has not arrived invisibly and no one in WT is the FDS or anointed. End of..

    And it should have been End of the religion.

    *And they used to say "perceived and UNDERSTOOD IT"(even though they didn't come up with this bullturdery until the 1940s so obviously no bugger "perceived and understood it "back in 1914.

  • waton
    End of..
    And it should have been End of the religion.

    You are so right, but the current details still merit debunking to show how deep wt is in doctrinal free fall. or mired ever deeper in the mire of their own making. You got to admire their brazen disregard for the sheep though, who they keep for fleecing and slaughter.

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