Overlapping Generations

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  • Ding

    Do you remember the WT drawing that was a "one generation" arrow which pointed from 1914 to the end of this system of things?

    I'm sure most older JWs used that to illustrate to studies the WT's "1914 generation" doctrine.

    I wonder what they do now -- talk about "overlapping generations" and show them Splane's chart?

  • OnTheWayOut
    What I don't understand is why there wasn't a mass exodus from the religion when they came up with that bullshit. I would have thought half would have left.

    Yes. Had I not already woke up or if I were awake but "physically in, mentally out," I am quite confident that I would have stood up during the coverage of that "overlapping generation" in the Watchtower study and loudly stated "Overlapping generation? Did the pull that out of [either "thin air" or "their asses" ?] F$#k this, I am outta here."

    Edited to add:

    I think the 1995 generation change had more significance than the overlapping generation change. Before '95 most people really did believe in the 1914 generation thing. After '95 I think the average JW, if they didn't leave then, just took it as 'whatever', so the overlapping change didn't mean a lot because they were not committed to the generation teaching post '95.
  • ttdtt

    JRK - its the same reason why someone at the Craps Table keeps betting when they have lost a ton.

    So much invested, you HAVE to belive its real and you gonna win this time.


    they waited until the very last member died that was claiming anointment , of course nobody left means , nu-lyte ... LOL . I would argue about it myself but was spiritually bullied , they can be really stupid and disrespectful over very petty things

  • waton
    they waited until the very last member died

    well that what wt has reserved , as a way out. way out.

    Jesus said the generation would not pass away, die. so: it is not only overlapping, it will go on and on and on. after all, it has --for almost 2000 years, why stop now.

    wt is playing them all for suckers. Wt teaches that the anointed will pass away to heaven at the beginning, not long* after the end. so: they actually have a disclaimer already build in. long Pinocchio nose.

    *wt formerly taught that the generation would never die, now, that is what I called long.

    sorry image does not post, but it is a Moebius strip with a generation logo

    PS. just to be clear. Jesus said the generation would pass away, just not before the destruction, the end.

    The Millions now living was a lie too, still is.

    Everything is meant to die. it is good for the development.

  • NVR2L8

    The overlapping generation was the tipping point for me too. The WT review at our summer district assembly was the study article "explaining" the new meaning of generation, followed by the talk where the brother struggled to explain the overlap. That was the last meeting I attended after 52 years of faithful service.


    it's how they control . continue to believe the GB are merely imperfect men not responsible for lies . You are not anointed unless they confirm it , almost the catholic way of confirming bishops or the pope . The bible clearly says different , you can only approve of yourself after scrutiny as to whether you qualify , apostle paul wrote about who and why you should partake at the memorial . I was watching the web cast last summer , don't know if anyone else caught the huge blaspemy that the GB member retracted live , can't believe he did it myself , then he said the "new light ", about GOG of magog . can't remember exactly what he said but it was about jesus I think

  • Finkelstein

    Since 1914 is a scriptural fraud, everything connected to that supposed year is also going to be a fraud.

    In reality the JWS's core doctrinal belief is a pretentious fraud propagated without sculptural support, even calculating a year/time goes against Jesus's admonishment by his true followers to do so.

    .... but it did help in the continuing proliferation of literature for the WTS.

  • lastmanstanding

    It used to be the case that dubs stayed or left based on scriptural reasoning.

    The scriptures no longer matter.

    Now it’s a full blown cult, and the cult figures that are followed are the dynamic 8.

    Dubs are told what to do and they do what they are told out of fear.

    The Watchtower organization could dispense with the Bible altogether now. Just keep repeating “we are the chosen... follow us”.

  • joe134cd

    As I look back on this I can't help but wonder what was I thinking. Although I was aware of it, and had some idea of what it meant. It wasn't until I started visiting ex-JW sites that I truly began to understand the significance of it. What it entailed. I'm just amazed at how how high my levels of cognitive dissonance was. I really had no idea of what I believed.

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