Overlapping Generations

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  • Finkelstein

    I really had no idea of what I believed.

    I think that's the case for most JWS , the WTS intentionally brainwashes people strategically in what to think and what not to examine or question by using the imposition of fear and punishment.

    Commercialized false prophets are not chosen or guided by Jehovah

    The sins of men are though, with the guiding aid of the father of the lie.

    Yet 1 John 4:1 says .........

    Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

  • flipper

    FINKELSTEIN- " WTS intentionally brainwashes people strategically..... by using the imposition of FEAR and PUNISHMENT. " Excellent point .

    Exactly my point earlier. Totally agree. And that's one of the huge reasons these JW's won't leave the org in spite of assassine, ridiculously insane teachings - they are controlled by WT leaders through either an imagined fear of destruction at an imaginary " Armageddon " - or - they are in fear of losing their entire social network of friends and family due to the shunning policy

  • StephaneLaliberte
    What I don't understand is why there wasn't a mass exodus from the religion when they came up with that bullshit.

    I come from an area where there had been several brothers and sisters who had left back in 1975 and the 80s. As a result, I was brought up never to believe the prophecies as a centerpiece of my faith.

    Hence, when that teaching changed, I wasn't too tromatized.

    One thing that did have a big impact however was meditating on this: If prophecies are not important to my faith, than why does the WT consider them so important that if I openly disagree with them, they will call me an anti-christ? This behavior is not in line with the christian spirit. And so I left.

  • Finkelstein

    Prophesying made by the WTS were actually strategic marketing ploys for the literature the WTS produced.

    That's why the Gospel preached by the WTS is not the Gospel written in the bible.

  • baldeagle
  • baldeagle
  • baldeagle

    The retooling of the “generation” teaching in 1995, 81 years after 1914 was a red flag. This was a benchmark teaching that many Witnesses used to make crucial life-altering decisions. It was simply torpedoed out of existence and replaced. My lingering doubts were now crystalized that the leaders of this religion were clearly fabricating their doctrines. As the years and decades marched on with no end in sight, they were using a piecemeal approach to make modifications.

    Regrettably, I remained active until the nonsensical teaching in 2010 that two groups of anointed from 1914, overlap to make up a continuous generation. I knew it was all a falsehood 15 years earlier, what was I thinking? Aside from the obvious fear of losing your entire family and social network in a heartbeat, something else is at play in the JW mindset.

    It’s what is called herd mentality. This is defined as, “The inability or refusal to listen to one's own instinct or 'gut feeling' but to instead follow the majority for fear of being wrong, ostracized or ridiculed.”

    While we are nurturing doubts, we feel guilty when we observe our fellow congregants and their apparent faithful lifestyle. We are surrounded by pioneers, elders, servants, CO’s and Bethelites etc. We go to large conventions and see literally thousands of people, many that we respect and admire that tirelessly soldier on in their JW activities. We wonder could all these families be duped and I’m right. On the other hand, could I be the one that is seeing things incorrectly?

    Therefore, the direct anxiety of being shunned along with the “herd mentality” literally causes many years or even decades to go by, before we can break free from the grip this religion has on people.

    The GB leadership whether today or 80 years ago has a lot to answer for; they have indeed ruined a countless number of lives of people who were mostly sincere and believed they were doing God’s will.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS enacted itself with purposeful and intentional exploitation and manipulation as a religious publishing house.

    Reflectively one can see that business is business , power is power and money is money.


    the end better come fast as that second generation is pretty old ,in their eighties , if they expect to be leading the church during the tribulation wearing depends and using walkers , don't see it myself . They also said there would be a last calling before tribulation , I think . I knew one that had diabetes even ... no insulin and poof he's off to meet jesus I guess

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    I also think this overlapping generation idea was something that allows them to keep appointing younger and younger people to the Governing Body. It seems like all of the "helpers" at some point realize they are anointed and promoted when they need more buts in chairs.

    I am so glad I don't try to turn my brain into a pretzel to try and make this stuff make sense when it doesn't. So much made up shit.

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