Overlapping Generations

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  • Gorbatchov

    Never forget how my good father defended the 1914, 2520 year, 607 bc and generation doctrine in fieldservice during the 70's. Was a litle kid and when listening never beieved a word off it.

    Then the 1995 change was my beginning of my jw.org end. In advance of the magazine witnesses in Holland wete confused, faxing the English magazine because the Dutch version had to be translated first.

    Dad told the CO "don't let them change 1914" and they didn't.

    Since then, I did not believe them anymore.


  • jp1692

    It's overlapping bullshit.

    C'mon. This "doctrine" -- and it pains me to even call it that -- is the abso-fucking-lutely stupidest thing the WTBTS has ever come up with, and they've come up with some really stupid shit!

    In a way, it's brilliant: it shows how gullible and desperate the average cult member is to belong to something no matter how dumb and to follow their leaders unquestioningly and uncritically. All the leaders have to do is come up with something -- it apparently doesn't matter how ridiculous or illogical it is -- and the "sheeple" will ooh and aah and say, "Oh. Yes, that's right! Look how wonderful Jehovah is!" and keep right on following no matter what.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

    Aren't we glad we have superior personal integrity, courage and critical thinking skills to call bullshit on this kind of nonsense!

    Does that sound arrogant? Nah. It's just the truth, the real truth.

  • sir82

    the end better come fast as that second generation is pretty old ,in their eighties

    They consider Sanderson to be part of the "second overlapping group".

    Sanderson is 53 years old.

    I.e., if Sanderson lives as long as Franz did, the end may not come until 2063.

    Sanderson is obese and unmarried - actuarially, he won't make it to 99. But there are other GBers who are in their early 60's who are in better health, so per JW (current) doctrine, the end could easily stretch out to the 2040s or 2050s.

  • punkofnice
    Morph - It caused me to leave.

    Me too....at least it was the straw that broke the elder's back.

    Mak telescope guy - My JW wife says she takes some things with a pinch of salt. She knows some teachings are BS, but still wholeheartedly believes they are right about most things.

    There seems to be a swathe of 'true believers' that believe on their own terms. 'It's the nearest thing' kind of attitude. I imagine they'll get a shock if ever they get pulled up for it. I know jobos that think the elders are far too loving to slap 'em down.

  • DesirousOfChange

    C'mon. This "doctrine" -- and it pains me to even call it that -- is the abso-fucking-lutely stupidest thing the WTBTS has ever come up with, and they've come up with some really stupid shit! ~ jp1692

    What jp said.


    sir82 - I guess if his father was born in 1900 and didn't have kids until he was 65 it works for them , did not know how old they are but figured since most people have kids in their 20 to 30 range it would mean they'd be pretty old , or is this a symbolic second gen? Didn't see all the dogma involved. As far as I can see you have parents , gen one , kids , gen 2 and so on

  • pale.emperor

    By the time this came out in print i was in the mindset of "this religion is the clostest thing to the truth, take it with a pinch of salt and dont say anything".

    It's like the emperors new clothes, you see that it doesn't make sense but everyone else seems to accept it. Therefore they must be seeing something i missed because im not clever enough.

    When in reality, everyone is thinking the above.


    Don"t know how anyone can just accept it as if they weren't duped into teaching false dogma disguised as the truth , they don't like me because I won't play the game of obedient domestic with them . They don't claim infallibility but claim some sort of no accountability for lies . I know they pushed 1914 for a very long time , it was , "look how old the are getting, gotta be close """ blah blah , the number of partakers increase at memorial , ohh they are not familiar with our beliefs or mentally ill , they have deeeemennnzzzz .... filthy apostates ...

  • LoyalLeon

    it was actually the long expected 1995 change that made me -- born-in 1975 survivor -- believe again; no more "around the corner", because with the "wicked generation since 1914" there was no more corner, fog only, fully in line with Jesus' words "nobody knows the hour"; along with other improvements in the late 90s everything seemed to improve -- until TJs handpicked GB 2.0 took over and the poor old John Barr, the sincerest member of the GB was forced to present the overlapping nonsense at the AM


    What I don't like is they don't ever ask forgiveness for the lies and never admit to it being a lie , they forced that 1914 generation on people , if you didn't say hallelujah when they brought it up they would just be rude to you and act stupid to you like you were an out cast , I would leave at times , I was a study and say it didn't add up really , I also don't believe women get the heavenly calling according to the bible , unless they rewrite it again to make it fit which they seem to do at times , john said they don't defile with women and are virgins , to me it means they gave up sex with women so that when they are spirits they don't do what the angels did and lust for women , virgins part I think they got right , keeping themselves chaste from satanic influence ....

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