Inappropriate Behavior

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  • rebelfighter


    "I don't think the male brain is fully formed and functional until about 40."

    Thank you, please add LOL to your "like, dislike" bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Didn't superman change clothes in a phone box :-)

    Anyway I am not judging but I have noticed a new trend for public breast feeding, and have seen it in the coffee shop and at the public library.

  • DJS


    The longer this OP continues the more clear it becomes that its objective was to reveal that thee is more pious and righteous than me, she and he. You took an innocuous, harmless action and demonized it. To make sure we clearly understood: Inappropriate Behavior. Yes, the queen has spoken and it is NOT up for discussion (the DarkLords would be soooo proud to know their work continues).

    We got it. Thank you. When your OP started to be shot down by everyone other than your pious breakfast club buds you piled on the "I'm more righteous than he and the" by inferring this person was a pedophile. Then when that was exposed you clearly stated your reason de existence: Rebelfighter is more righteous than he, she and me and the rest of us heathens. RF follows a much more virtuous and moral path.

    When I exposed you for that you double downed on your MOO by telling me and the world that you are the most charitable person EVER. Is that supposed to make up for the fact that the majority of us think you a narrow-minded, judgmental control freak? The afterglow of your piousness and halo-ness is awesomeness to this sinful gollum. Thank you, your worshipfulness; Smeagle will do better in the future.

    I've ignored the fact that charitable acts haven't anything to do with this OP (not really, I just mentioned it). Hitler was nice to his housekeeper, btw.

    You remind me of those uber-dub sisters who had no post high school education but who proved their superiority over the rest of us mortals by their service, keeping to the strict code of rules created by the DarkLords and occasionally reminding the rest of us that they were just a little bit better than he, she and me. You remember them. They typically had a 'special' diet or employed some weird-ass health rituals that were designed to make them more elite. What was yours? It couldn't have been enemas, obviously.

    I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. Cause the sinners are much more fun.

  • rebelfighter


    I asked you a very simple question but you go off on a tangent, you cannot answer a very easy question?

    I was never a JW just made a huge mistake and dated an Elder for 5 years.

    I have never hid who I am from my very first opening post. As I told the "Elder" what part of me were you going to change first 1. Child advocate 2. Women's advocate 3. Masonic organizations (charity work, I belong to 4 of them) 4. Do not believe in Religion 5.Gay activist.

    My post on this forum make it very clear where I stand on all these points. And your post make it very clear you are a bully.

  • rebelfighter


    Most women who breastfeeding feed in public will do so by using a blanket appropriately placed so that the body is covered and I have no problem with this.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Maybe what I have to say has no value, but in my opinion DJS is not a bully, and rebelfighter is a person who is very fragile, and has been hurt in life. Cancer took my father in law two years ago. I am glad you got over your battle with cancer rebelfighter. Anyway maybe the trick on an O.P is to bend, just let things go? I mean who really cares anyway about the O.P? It's simply not worth all the fighting.

    Just my opinion.

  • krejames


    while I don't think your charitable work is relevant to this thread, please be assured that I think it's very commendable.

    I have worked in public service for many years - very strict on child protection issues. I am of the firm belief that child protection issues have no relevance on the case at hand - this man had no direct responsibility for a child - from what you say, there were no kids about anyway - if underwear, shorts or speedos are not a threat on the beach it's only learned behaviour that rules that it's a threat in a parking lot.

    My personal belief (tho I hasten to add, not expert or scientifically proven) is that encouraging young children to have hang ups fears or shame about the human body is a form of child abuse in itself. There is nothing to be feared by the human body in its semi-nakedness in this particular case. There was no behaviour to suggest this guy was a threat to anyone - an exhibitionist maybe or more likely someone who was in a rush and really didn't give a sh!t what you, I or the world's wife thought about him getting changed for work in a car park. I admire him for that.

  • DJS


    Bringing your DarkLordIan judgmentalism, which they routinely expressed over petty, coscience, individual matters of no concern to them and which resulted in immeasurable harm to all of us, deserves exactly what it's getting.

    You chose to bring your narrow minded, Watchtower esque judgments onto the world wide web for no other reason than to spread your infection. Listening to your fake reasons and support of your judgments reminds me of every WATCHTOWER I read wherein the DarkLords made rules about conscience matters, demonized the innocent and set all of the publishers against one another for no other objectives than to control the sheep and to enforce their superiority..

    I must say you were paying attention to the techniques they used. Vile, evil techniques.

    That is bullying behavior.

    You are getting what you deserve. Silence, RF, is an option. You are NOT the victim here.

    Yes, it clearly wasn't enemas.

  • RubaDub

    I personally don't find it "that" offensive but would not do it myself. I too am drifting towards being a part of the older generation.

    With what young ones are exposed to online today, that is stuff we typically didn't even know existed until at least mid-teens (at least in my case). In your case, seeing a guy in his shorts may not be something that people care to see, but I really don't see a big deal about it.

    You know we have tight A-holes here in many parts of the USA. Some are very constricted. In many parts of Europe, for example, it is not uncommon for people in the summertime to go to a nearby park or public location and "take it all off" to get some sun during lunch-break. No big deal. In Eastern Europe with many countries in which taking a sauna is popular, it is common for entire families to go and get totally naked. In some cases, numerous families are involved.

    I would leave the baseball bat in the car.

    You mentioned you drive a Chrysler. If I may ask, do you also have a pickup truck?

    Just my thoughts

    Rub a Dub

  • Gargamel

    Maybe it's me but so long as he's not showing his tackle, I don't think it's a problem.

    Mind you, when I was rough sleeping, I did sit in a launderette with just a towel on while my only clothes went through wash and tumble dry. It was a very large towel though so I was well covered. There was hardly anyone around either.

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