Inappropriate Behavior

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  • Vidiot

    krejames - "...or is just a certain part of America??"


    We call it "Jesusland". :smirk:

  • rebelfighter


    I am a Certified Adult Volunteer. I work with young ladies from the ages of 10 to 20. We go through annual training. One of the points that is covered is when and where is it appropriate for the girls to change clothing. They may not change clothing if an adult (that is anyone who has each the age of 21) is in the room. A female adult may not help them with their clothing in anyway unless they specifically request assistance and only then another female adult must be in the room.

    Also, here is where those who come from WT society will have a hard time grasping these rules. Each age group of girls is advised as to how to act in the presence of the younger girls. When girls reach 12 we remind them not talk about certain things in front of the 10 year olds and so forth up the line. This is very important when you are dealing with a large age range. Age appropriate comes in to play all the time and we must be very sensitive to this with each age group.

    These girls are learning public speaking skills, how to run a business meeting, how to organize and completely run a charity event, attend many formal dinners and dances, organize fun events and all the while they have adults in the background for support but we are there as advisors only not to do the work for them. By the time they reach 20 we hopefully have produced some very fine young ladies who will be entering the business world that can take command of any situation and very definitely hold her own. I have seen girls as young as 16 and 17 take the podium and run a meeting and put a lot of adults to shame.

    We also have a group that works just with boys. They have all the same standards and goals as the girls.

    I guess we just have a little higher moral and ethical standards.

    This is why we see a bruise in the wrong spot on a child or a woman we ask no questions we just dial 911.

  • DJS

    There you go again rebel. First you infer the man is a pedophile just because he undressed to his briefs before putting on work out clothes.

    Now you infer that he is beneath your 'higher moral and ethical standards.' Pardon me if I don't bow or do obeIsance, your highness. But please allow me to bask in the glow of your halo.

    Such an arrogant narrow-minded little person. And your little dogs too, Dunedain. and Tikii.

    Yall gotta be theists. The only thing inappropriate I've read to this point is the judgmentalism from you 3.

  • rebelfighter


    Let me ask you a question just how much money did you raise for charity last year?

    How much time do you donate to charity?

  • GrreatTeacher

    Why is no one else skeeved out by the fact that this guy apparently came out from a workout at the gym and put his nasty, sweaty body directly into a business suit?

    I would hate to be stuck in the cubicle next to him for the rest of the day!

  • Worldling9

    Though I am not shocked by it, I can't say it's appropriate. Kinda funny maybe.


    Inappropriate Behavior.

    standing at the trunk of his car is this young man. The trunk lid is open WAIT and he proceeds to strip down to his skivies out of his gym clothes, then proceeds to dress into business clothing right there in the parking lot..

    It`s Normal Behavior For Some People..

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  • Simon

    I've changed clothes in a car-park ... sometimes you need to switch and there's no phone-booth handy. I don't think the male brain is fully formed and functional until about 40.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Quarterback » It's ok if you are Spider Man, or Superman.

    Better if it's the Flash.... Whooosh💨

  • rebelfighter


    I always love your post but this time you just hit the mark!! My daughter has sent me pics of the vehicles after some of the off road adventures. When she says they are wet I know what she meant, I cannot imagine putting clean clothing on those mud encrusted bodies. These vehicles are absolutely covered in mud inside and outside and totally unrecognizable. Some of these vehicles have NO doors.

    The first time I had to meet her at her future in law's I asked for the address. IDK, just look for the house with the jeeps. My response later was it looks more like a Jeep dealership even the 5 year old has her own jeep.

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