Inappropriate Behavior

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  • rebelfighter

    This was yesterday. Yes I am very old fashioned and my kids 31 and 25 are too.

  • tiki

    Gyms have showers and locker rooms for freshening and changing. The dude probably has an I'm better than you attitude and what he did is totally out of line. He was just exercising that mmiddle finger thing in his own obnoxious fashion.

  • rebelfighter


    I agree

  • Heaven

    You ain't seen anything until your father walks out naked in front of you... and then starts peeing all over the floor.

  • Bonsai

    Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.

  • DJS

    Ms. Narrow Minded (rebelfighter) meet Ms. Judgmental (Tiki). Dear god, "Inappropriate Behavior" is one of the tools used by the DarkLords to control us and have us judged by one another to keep us in line.

    I've got an antidote for that: Don't look. Keep your eyes - and your narrow mindedness - to yourselves. Such unpleasant little minded people.

    Like Chook said, in many areas of the world it is common for people to arrive at public beaches, strip naked and put their swim suits on. Or not. I've been to beaches in Europe, the Caribbean where this occurs routinely and women without their tops is no big deal. Unless it was my ex-GF (and yes they were real. Expensive).

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    tiki " Gyms have showers...." That comment reminded me of the Seinfelt episode where George Costanza ( Can't stand ya) peed in the shower. :-)

  • rebelfighter

    Yes but what you do not understand that is in our neck of the woods there is a development that is specifically for those who wish to partake in this behavior it is called "A Nudist Resort" huge sign outside it's entrance warns those entering that people will be nude. So we normally do not expect to find this behavior on our streets. Actually had a police officer seen this I am sure he would have at the least gotten a warning.

  • rebelfighter


    In this country we have specified beaches marked as such for nude bathing. If you were to strip down to the bare on another beach you would be arrested.

    No I am not narrow minded. There is a time and a place for all things and when you have dealt with this pedophile issue you will understand that respect for the human body has it's time and place.

    PS. when you have seen 4 children raped by their father you may understand. I helped get this man put behind bars and I helped for the next five years care for these kids while mom got back on her feet.

  • DJS

    Ya think? I've been on public beaches in S Fl where girls are going topless. It is changing quickly, rf. And really, you are linking a guy changing clothes in the parking lot to pedophilia?

    Then you are not only judgmental; you are an hysterical reactionary. Are you accusing the guy in the parking lot with being a pedophile?

    Yes, there is a time and place for things, but the world is changing. Clearly you aren't. You wouldn't survive in my world; you would have a coronary the first week.

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