Inappropriate Behavior

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    rebelfighter " we normally do not expect to find this behavior on our streets"

    Well one day in 1979, Elton John the then chairman of Watford F.C arrived wearing some really laity gear, the glasses, the hat, the jacket, the platform boots, all completely over the top. Our manager Graham Taylor, took Elton John aside and said " We have standards and we have a dress code at Watford football club, and it's important we all maintain them"

    Ok Elton was extremely flamboyant, but he was the chairman the man who was investing his wealth in to his boyhood club, yet he had the humility to accept the standards set by the manager he appointed, and then dress accordingly.

    p.s I always admired Elton John for his humility, and for the fact he would after matches pop in the chippy and talk to the kids like a normal fan. I was one of those 8 year old kids in 1979 and Elton John you gave me many great moments in my life...thanks for for that and sharing my love of Watford F.C.

  • WingCommander

    In 2000, my now wife and I were in Times Square in New Year's Eve. You have to get there early, like 6:00pm, to even get a half-decent spot. There are ZERO porta-potties. Once you are in your section in Times Square, you are not allowed out until after midnight. You are surrounded by people of every nationality. It's cold. You gotta pee. What do you do? You have your friends (or people around you) encircle you, while you squat down and piss in a plastic bottle. (if you even have one) If not, you have to hold it for 6+ hours. You do what you gotta do.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Wing commander, I agree you do what you have to do. When I first went to my football matches we had to stand and if you wanted to pee you rolled up a newspaper and peed in it. I accepted that and stood in many puddles of pee ( my mum was never overly impressed if I didn't take my shoes of when I came home :-)) but I do think in fairness to rebelfighter she was talking about a different half way house.

  • rebelfighter


    I loved Elton John. Yes his dress was out there.


    The point is your friends encircled you.

    I just got off the phone with my daughter who just informed me yes her and her bf changes clothes in parking lots all the time but this is how we do it. We take 2 vehicles side by side. Open doors, to cause a closure and make sure no one can see us. My question why in the world are you charging in parking lots. Because we are socked and covered in mud from off roading at least we will have dry clothes on mom.

  • DJS

    Clearly your daughter and her BF are pedophiles.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Geez he had his underwear on, it's not like he was naked. If I saw this in a parking lot, I would not stare, would giggle a bit, and be on with the rest of my day.

  • LongHairGal

    It would have been more "appropriate" if it were a beach environment.

    With regard to relieving yourself under extreme circumstances, you "do what you have to do", but I don't think his situation was this extreme. He could have changed clothes somewhere else but just didn't want to.

  • Vidiot

    Could've been worse.

    I've seen guys whip it out in the middle of a parking lot and wizz right in full view of everyone.

    (Not JWs, I have to say. Even they have some social decency.)

  • krejames

    I'm still trying to understand what's so shocking or offensive about someone getting changed in a parking lot and being seen in their underwear. I find the fact that people are shocked more shocking and offensive to be honest. He didn't break any laws such as indented exposure.

    From this discussion I'm getting an impression that Americans really lead very sheltered lives and are extremely narrow minded. Please say it isn't so, or is just a certain part of America? 😱.

  • ttdtt

    Why does the human body always always causing such adverse reactions?
    This is a direct cause of the poison filled teaching of religion from the beginning. Demonizing the human form and the most natural of activities "sex".

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