"Reinstatement Party" Called Off Per The Society

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  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster
    Keeping people so apart from each other in social situations constrasts so sharply with the WTS pictures in their publications of people gathered together in a picnic setting...all smiling and having a good time. Geez! You'd think the average dub would wonder out loud why they can't participate in such fellowship now....after all,

    I always wondered about that when I was studying with them. To make matters worse, in their Questions Young People Ask book, it shows young people hanging out and having a good time. Not once do I remember hanging out with a group of people my age while associated with the JWs.

    And I remember very few get togethers.

    It was mostly meetings, study, and field service.

    All work and no play makes a JW a dull boy.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Perhaps everyone should include the "society" and invite "them" to the fun and games.................

    Just think for a moment. We could have a TOGA party and get the elders drunk with wine and take pictures for publication in the AWAKE! MAGAZINE.

    I know, time to shut up...........................

  • rondoggy

    Well you can bet the angels party everytime someone is Df'd. LOL

    Years ago some friends and I had a party for a guy that was going to be disfellowshipped the next night.

    We had like a going away party for him. LOL . I was so rebellious., as I always hated their control.

    I knew eventually i would get out- but why did it take so long? I still laugh at the times my grandmother would say we were brainwashed, How right she was!!!!!!!!!!!


  • minimus

    I wonder if the Society will say that (to cover all the bases) you can't throw a goingaway party for one that has not been announced yet. I always got a kick out of having to tell a person that you just disfellowshipped that they can't talk to anyone about the impending action. They had to wait for it to be announced. I knew of many people that just sat there during the announcement, only to see family and friends SHOCKED that the person was disfellowshipped. People would cry but not talk to person again unless they were reinstated.......I'm sure the Apostle paul had all this in mind when he talked to the Corinthians.

  • undercover
    I always got a kick out of having to tell a person that you just disfellowshipped that they can't talk to anyone about the impending action.

    So a DF'd person isn't supposed to tell anyone they are being DF'd before the announcement is made? I didn't know that. Everyone that I knew pretty well that was DF'd always called and told me to kinda say goodbye for awhile.

    So not only are they being cast out from the group, they can't even say goodbye before being sent away. Bastards.

    "The tribe has spoken. Turn in your torch and leave tribal council immediately"

  • minimus

    What amazed me was that most of those df'd would follow that rule. "It was confidential and no one should know about it until the announcement is made." Then we would tell the person what they needed to do to come back. So yes, even while they're being kicked out, "mind-control" is in progress.

  • sandy

    A couple of my friend called to tell me they were going to be DF'd. One of my friends said: "I'll understand if you choose not to talk to me".

    I still talk to her and she is still disfellowshipped.

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