Do old time present day active JW`s genuinely believe in overlapping generations ?

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I always get an interesting reaction when I ask "how long after Jesus said this, did Jerusalem fall?" First their eyes go wide open. I say "It was only 37 years later. So the generation that Jesus was taking about, wasn't overlapping."

    Way back when, the organization used to make a big thing about Christendom using the word Trinity. "The word Trinity is not in the Bible!" Obviously, they couldn't be following the bible. But what are they doing now? Using the word "overlapping" just like the others used "Trinity" to prove their version of teaching.

    When you think about it, they have 3 overlapping generations and there are 3 in one. Three is a popular number I guess.

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    The Bible likes numbers such as :

    3. How many occasions can you think of 3 being used ?

    7. " '' 7 "

    10. " " 10 "

    12. " " 12 "

    40. " " 40 "

    70. " " 70 "

    That`s all I can think of at the moment maybe their are a few more

    Were the Bible writers in the practice of using Numerology ?.

    Maybe this should be a thread all on its own

    Sorry I got sidetracked off my own OP

  • smiddy3

    Back to topic there have been some interesting comments here.

    I liked this one among others :

    I cant think of a single dub, when posed the question "why are you the truth?" Would say "because Jesus chose us in 1919 ,if they really believed that then why don`t they try to defend that as one of their major priorities ?

    Another one

    My favourite: (Job 42:16) “After this Job lived for 140 years, and he saw his children and his grandchildren - four generations.” 140 divided by 4 = 35.

    And Jehovah`s Witnesses are supposed to be Bible students .

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