Do old time present day active JW`s genuinely believe in overlapping generations ?

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  • LostAdam

    So according to the overlapping doctrine what is the longest period until this doctrine comes false?? 25 years by now?? I think something like until the death of the anointed that met someone who was anointed in 1914?? I got confused by myself lol.

  • truth_b_known

    Follow the insanity -

    1. 1914 is an important date, prophesied about in scripture, marking the return of Christ as King of God's Kingdom.

    2. The "end" didn't come when the generation who saw the sign past.

    3. The organization and it's "Governing Body" is never wrong.

    What would have to follow for number 4?

    "The generation Jesus foretold must be overlapping."

    Notice that only after the generation ended does this "new light" come about. When the the foundation of anything is built on a bad information the only outcome is a negative outcome.

  • waton
    ‘generation’ in the ordinary sense”, but has now been stretched to include ‘anointed Christians’ born anywhere from the 1880s to the 1960s, so long as the latter overlap with the former while they where anointed. UA

    Ultimate Axiom, very good! you are describing the earliest possible expiration of the overlapping groups. here is another scenario:

    All post-apostolic Christians were anointed at their baptism.

    Person born 1893, baptized, or confirmed in 1913 aged 20, died 1993 a centenarian. His similar over lapper, born 1974, baptized at age 14, anointed un-known to him, bethel at 18, 1992 .--

    still in good health at age 100, with improved medical science in 2074, just a year shy of celebrating 1975+100, , his 101 birthday.

    It’s not incomprehensible, it's really quite simple, just total nonsense. U.A.
    Right, Nonsense! but that-, if you do the numbers-, stretches the 2 group anointed over lapping generation 56 years into the future.
    what is the longest period until this doctrine comes false?? 25 years by now?? L.A.

    Lost Adam: re-do the numbers yourself: ~ 56 years from now.

  • bamse

    Coverlapping generation

  • steve2

    The OP question assumes your average JW - young or old - actively thinks about these sorts of doctrines. That really is a stupendous assumption. Quite frankly, if anyone can swallow the 1919 doctrine (the divine communication), they can swallow anything, including the overlapping generation doctrine.

    A breeze when your brain is asleep.

  • Finkelstein

    The fact the WTS has assumed that its god's solemnly chosen organization in (1919) and that the doctrines the organization proclaimed/taught for much of the entire 20th century were false like 1914 and This Generation is indicative to the corruption this organization inherits.

  • steve2

    Overlapping eye rolls.....

  • waton
    Lost Adam: re-do the numbers yourself: ~ 56 years from now. by waton rated -1.

    sorry, to destroys the "never dying" hope of some readers here, and some of the "wt soon to end" calculations, but the 56 year shelf life of wtBtS INC is solidly based on David Splane's video performance, where he mentioned that other anointed in both 2 overlapping groups would/could be older, longer anointed than Fredrik Franz, the gold standard,

    He died 1992,-- RIP***, after 78 years in the generation group no.1, since 1914. For group 2,starting then, add 78 to 1992, you get 2070. Take the man, D. Splane by his word, that some anointed are older (dying after 1992) or (being anointed earlier) than that, and voila, there you have it. 56 years from now, and still in the same generation.

    *** dont we wish all anointed dying to Rest In Peace? not have to serve in the military, invisibly?

  • lastmanstanding

    Instead of “overlapping generation”, it could have been “immortal soul generation” or even “trinity generation”, the dubs would all give it the nod.

    Mt 24:45 says they must.

  • Finkelstein

    Just to note in Biblical chronology a generation either meant the complete life span of a person or people who were born around the same time with some variance.

    We are now 105 years from 1914.

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