Is White Nationalism A Major Problem In Your Opinion?

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  • waton
    Just get the hell out of America : SotT

    Yeah, get all African "Americans" back to Africa, Whites to Eurasia/England, and then let's see where the dice fall.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I want the alt-right to repatriate to Europe - sounds good.

    And Americans who are Nation of Islam members can be repatriated to Mecca, regular African-Americans can sod off to sub-Saharan Africa, Chinese-Americans can go to China ... and American Jews can piss off to Israel.

    Yeah, sounds good.

  • waton

    not a problem, the opposite is, in the light of stories like this: "Starting 5000 years ago, the Yamnaya embarked on a violent conquest of Europe. Now genetic analysis tells their tale for the first time" by Colin Barras in New Scientist mag. The builders, of great things, (like Stonehenge), civilizations replaced by unchecked invaders.

  • kairos

    What's wrong with being a nationalist?

    Isn't every citizen that swears an oath to uphold the US Constitution automatically a nationalist?

  • Tameria2001

    I never understood what they mean when they tell people to go back where they came from, and most of the time those people they are telling it to are born US citizens, and even their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were born in the country as well, and might have also defended the country as well. If someone ever told me that (and they have when I was an active JW), I ask them where I should go, because I was born in Texas, and my bloodline has been in this country since before the 1700s, and further. My dad's family had Cherokee, Choctaw, Scottish, British, English, and my mom's side Irish, German, and Chinese. So I asked them where should I go? Plus I also told them that my grandfather (mother's side) fought against the Germans and Japnese in WW2, my dad served as well in a later time.

  • minimus

    Facebook won’t allow white nationalists to express their opinions

  • Bad_Wolf

    Facebook is turning into Sweden. If Trump doesn't get reelected, or some democrat gets elected, when they open the floodgates and import millions of muslims, refugees, without work, creating ghettos, problems, etc, like in sweden, to say anything or to complain will get you in trouble. Facebook banned. In Sweden arrested. In Sweden a 15 year old can't be charged with any crime. So if refugees at 15 years old want to rape and murder, they don't get in trouble, but if a person in sweden makes a social media post complaining about that, then they will be behind bars.

    Facebook wasn't to be the coverchild of idiot blind cult utopian left crap enforcement. I wonder what will happen if people start reporting all the BLM nationalist groups, and the Black Hebrews, from teh covington case, which are extremist black nationalists. Let's see if their facebook pages will be banned now??

  • minimus

    Facebook ain’t all that great . If you made that comment there you’d be in trouble

  • DwainBowman

    NO. Just another blown out of proportion, hoax driven by the left, to drive deeper and deeper division into the hearts of all Americans!!

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