Is White Nationalism A Major Problem In Your Opinion?

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  • minimus

    After seeing the atrocity in New Zealand, do you think white nationalism is a major issue affecting you or where you live?

    Somebody already called out ChelseaClinton, blaming her for the attack!

  • john.prestor

    Yes, it's a major issue. Couldn't be more obvious by now.

  • minimus

    So John, do you see a lot of this happening?

  • john.prestor

    Yep, don't you?

  • Giordano

    The worst terrorist attack was of course 911 with a loss of life of close to 3,000 people.

    Information on terrorist attacks and the terrorists themselves in the United States is available from the Global Terrorism Database, the RAND Corporation, and other sources. (I )further grouped the ideology of the attackers into four broad categories of Left Wingers, Nationalists and Right Wingers, Islamists, and Unknown/Others.
    Terrorists murdered 3,342 people on U.S. soil from 1992 through August 12, 2017. Islamist terrorists are responsible for 92% of all those murders. The 9/11 attacks, by themselves, killed about 89% of all the victims during this time.
    Nationalist and Right Wing terrorists are the second deadliest group by ideology, as they account for 6.6% of all terrorist murders during this time. The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the second deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history, killed 168 people and accounted for 77% of all the murders committed by Nationalist and Right Wing terrorists.
    Left Wing terrorists killed only 23 people in terrorist attacks during this time, about 0.7% of the total number of murders, but 13 since the beginning of 2016. Nationalist and Right Wing terrorists have only killed five since then, including Charlottesville.

    I think since the Oklahoma City Bombing......... It's been a growing problem coupled with the complete focus on Islamic Terrorists overseas after 911 and apparently not keeping track of our home grown Nationalists and Right Wing terrorists and now some Liberal groups. All sides have access to a variety of dangerously engineered (Bump Stocks) rapid fire weapons.

  • joe134cd

    In ChCh were this attack happened there has always been issues with white supremacists groups. Perhaps more so in ChCh than any where else in NZ. Here is one such example.

    i think a factor in these groups flourishing was initially (and still do to this present day)most Maori and latter Polynesian immigrants preferred to live in the northern regions of the country.

    Most Māori continue to live in the northern regions. Nearly 90 percent live in the North Island and nearly 60 percent of Māori live in Northland, Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. However, the number of Māori people in the South Island has increased 38 percent since 1991 to reach 64,650.

    I am absolutly sure if these groups moved further north and carried on the same way as they did in ChCh it would be a completely different story. They would certainly get a run for their money with the resistance they would get

    Even as a young child I remembering hearing of some random none white individual who had been beaten up by such groups. It would flear up and die down again. This was well before the tide of immigration started to happen, and years before the Moscs were built. So this problem has been years in the making.

    So dose an attack of this nature surprise me? Not at all. But what dose surprise me is the severity of it. I honestly and sincerly believed that this could only happen in America and not here. Beating up and stabbing some one is shocking enough but going into a Mosk and murdering nearly 50 people just goes to a whole new level.

    The question in my mind now is how did these people get access to these firearms,as gun laws are quite strict in this country, and certainly harder to obtain than in America.

  • minimus

    No John , I don’t. I think the KKK is a problem. But certainly not a “major problem “. I think Antifa is a problem but not a major problem. There are neo-Nazis in this country. Do I think they are a problem? Sure , but not a major problem. I think Black Muslims are a problem but I don’t think they are a major problem.

  • waton

    nations are like any natural order, industrious, peaceful nationalistic like a beehive, you invade them at your own risk. they do not become militant until threatened, and then fight to their own self-sacrificial death. ripping heir guts out. can you blame them?

  • john.prestor

    Well, you're entitled to your opinion.

  • minimus

    Good response, sir.

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