Is White Nationalism A Major Problem In Your Opinion?

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  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Chelsea Clinton was berated over statements she made condemning anti semitism. ....which white nationalists, supremists, nazis, etc, all engage in. They hate Jews too. Yes, white nationalist veiws are a problem. Any and all racist speech, hate, is a problem, including White nationalists, Antifa, BLM, Nazis, etc.

    I'm not a fan, but Chelsea's critics, here, are out of line, and just looking for someone to take their anger out on. Frankly, the left is starting to eat itself alive. And all the sane people are calling them out on their bs. Maybe those on the left will wake up and see the hypocrisy. But I'm not gonna hold my breath.

  • blondie

    With the info on Facebook and other online sources, I can see it becoming a global issue. This is like something that starts small and grows quietly behind the scenes. I wouldn't be surprised if the shooter in New Zealand was influenced by info online. Not much difference that ISIS had on people online.

    I hope it doesn't grow

  • Bad_Wolf

    White nationalism is NOT the problem, it is the RESPONSE to 'the problem'.

    The problem are 2 parts.....that every race/culture has a firm root in their countries.

    Race and culture are two different things, NOT the same.

    On the race issue...... Blacks are well established in Africa. There had been whites, but they have been kicked out. Land taken, murdered, etc, the population was growing then some countries enacted laws to seize land and property and they've been kicked out. South Africa the latest country, white farmers being murdered, etc. So whites are unable to establish or grow in Africa.

    On the Culture issue, islam is not merely a passive religion, but when enough there, they make the governments under sharia law. There are no majority islam countries in which other religions/cultures/etc are allowed to thrive and grow. In Nigeria, christians will soon be extinct , in Egypt coptic christians been murdered, terror attacks, not allowed to have churches, etc. There is no threat to islamic culture, they don't allow anything in.

    Japan and some asian countries have strict immigration laws so they preserve their culture and identity.

    South America/hispanic countries, no mass immigration, they are poor, no threats to their culture.

    In 1980 in North America alone, whites were 80% of the population, in 2000 whites were 69% of the population, now whites are 63% of the population.

    Then you have all the problems in Europe, Sweden, France, etc, where mass immigration is set to wipe out the native cultures. So at this rate in the next 100 years or so, whites will not have any country. Islam will have taken over more countries, etc, and while mass immigration continues of demographics that do not accept those they are preventing or killing when trying to establish a presence in their countries.

    Self hating libtards have no problem of their entire heritage being wiped out. And since whites are a minority in the world population, but every race blames whites of any problems they have and wants handouts from whites, what happens when they are a minority?

    If whites did not exist, if all of USA and Europe/Russia were wiped off the map, what place would give the best life? Make sure you've really traveled those places, because that's what is coming to NA/Europe when the whites are minorities, and you already see it in NO GO zones, etc.

    Since this problem is not allowed to be talked about and addressed, looking for solutions or less immigration, etc, going to be people like that guy who just lose it.

  • Bad_Wolf

    With that said, I think all cultures/races, except ones that oppress and goal of world domination, should be preserved. World would be boring if everything was the same.

  • minimus

    For some, being a white male is a horrible thing . White privilege is what you hear a lot of people talking about including white males and females. We are supposed to feel bad if we are white. Still, that doesn’t mean we should accept an ideology that teaches whites are better because they are white. Color should make no difference.

  • vienne

    I'm white. I do not feel bad for being white. Privilege? I worked for everything I have. What privilege?

  • minimus

    Vienne, you have no shame?? Tsk tsk

  • minimus

    I believe the media and their cohorts push this issue making it appear that white nationalism is sweeping the universe. If people have pride in being black, does that mean they should be referred to as black nationalists or Nation of Islam believers? There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    The media put a magnifying glass and spotlight on any minor issue they can exploit, for ratings. Most "issues" are non events, until the media get ahold of them.

    Btw, Bad Wolf, I agree with what you said, completely. Nice summary.

  • no-zombie

    First I'd like to say something about this forum and then I'll make a comment about this topic.

    I've noticed over late that while we are very tolerant about towards the various Watchtower posts that get added, some here have become quite caustic towards others when who make unpopular comments on secular subjects. I don't like it. You can't pick and choose your the moral high grounds on free speech. If you think that you do, then you are no better than the Organization we dislike. Respectful free speech, even if we don't agree with its sentiments, is still a right ... especially here. That's it about that from me about this.

    Now about White supremacy and racism. Locally in Western Australia, overt racism is not prevalent against our various racial minorities. That is not to say that these feelings do not exist at some level. It is human nature for everyone to reject those who are different and those people who deny this are fooling themselves or at the very least, not thinking about their own feelings deep enough or look a world history.

    Humans have always been xenophobic. Humans have always had class structures. It might be ugly. It might get violent ... but its apart of our biological make up. And while this making killing in New Zealand is bad, things like this go on all the time in the world. And while I don't have the time to go into this at length now, I'll just leave with this last comment ... if you think that white supremacy is bad ... research into Han Chinese supremacy and how its being manifested today (think the Uyghurs) for a little more wider perspective on the nature of man,

    no zombie

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