January jw-tv broadcast with Lett

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    JW Broadcasting reminds me of the Kiddie Shows I watched on TV when I was a child back in the 1950s. I think Lett missed his calling. - ATHANSIUS

    He's not unlike Soupy Sales who made goofy faces and asked kids to sent him the "little green pieces of paper with faces on them" that their mommies and daddies had in their wallets.

  • pepperheart
    What are they doing with the money they are now saving not printing about 50 million magazines a month worldwide ????
  • cliff

    Never having been a witness I can only comment as an outsider.

    But having been involved in professional marketing communications using all the modern tools such as video and internet since their inception, I do feel qualified to judge that Lett is a total buffoon and will alienate most of his intended audience.

    From the JW point of view he is a disaster! Doesn't JAH have better discretion than that?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I think I mentioned before what the money may be ''earmarked'' for. They have to sell-off reduce costs associated with printing. By almost ''halfing'' the WT's and Awakes, cuts the cost of printing pretty much in half.

    The selling-off undergoing in Brooklyn is putting the Borg back in the black. I do believe in the neighbourhood of the $1Billion area. JW's now buying tablets left and right, it is no brainer that the cost of printing bound volumes, brochures, etc is scaled way back. With the JW's pretty much having the entire library at their fingertips, this is an enormous monetary saving.

    The Borg I think is simply adapting with the times. Selling-off properties, scaling back literature and layoffs, could be buying more time and simply evolving with technology. Times change.

  • Listener

    He uses the Israelites as an example and then goes on to explain that their situation is different.

    For one thing God had a special Covenant with the Israelites, they were a special earthly organization that God established, through birthrights, direct communication and with their own Governing arrangement authorized by God. God never intended this arrangement to exist again. Jesus established a new covenant and it didn't involve the building of temples.

    The other thing is that he said the temple was a 'one off' expense, apparently there was no need for continual maintenance, let alone any other buildings that would have been required for meeting together.

  • JWdaughter
    The more he says "sincerely" the more I realize how all his expressions are so damn INSINCERE.
  • JWdaughter

    They can only live off of their assets so long without them being replenished adequately. Ask anyone who becomes unemployed how long their great retirement savings last when their industry has totally gone to the dogs. Like Journalism. If you don't get another job, the assets are eaten up.

    I live in hope!

  • Khaleesi

    My goodness at min 30 "we know this building will make thru the new system" ??? WHATTT!!!, free labor at its worst, sell your cow to go slave for men!!!

  • Simple Minds
    Simple Minds

    I am newly awakened and still raw with emotions; So just the thought watching Steven Lett do a broadcast makes me feel like vomiting


  • coalize
    we know this building will make thru the new system

    Another "new light"?

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