January jw-tv broadcast with Lett

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  • bohm

    Lett is back with a vengance!

    * The last money-begging effort increased donations by 15% for two months; a letter by a 13 year old who donated is read out loud

    * Since last may "so many good things have happened". This is: They continue to feed bethelites, they fund the construction project at bethel, various construction projects & purchase of video equipment at convention centers ("Seeing the participants up close holds our attention and enhances our learning experience"), and build kingdom halls & remote translation offices.

    ...but they still need more money...

    * Quote: "The governing body has re-analysed ways to cut back at all branches to re-direct money to the field. including long-standing Bethel routines and services". Layoffs not mentioned directly but implied.

    * Lett is surprised some people do not believe in god in sweeden, lol.

    * Various things they spend money on is mentioned to demonstrate the donations are used well.

    * Song is about getting your children into the religion and generally giving "your very best" to the religion. ugh.

  • zeb

    waiting at doctors. in comes a brother and sits next to a sister who was there. He said,"Did you see the latest broadcast? It was wonderful".

    JW should not be allowed to use the word 'wonderful'.

  • Vidiot

    'Course they need more money to build new Kingdom Halls...


    ...they gotta flip 'em for a quick profit.

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    I actually cannot physically force myself to watch that man. . Who's bright idea was it to put him in front of the camera. ?

  • Vidiot

    Now, now, Lost...

    ...the GB has to let him have a turn; it's only fair.

    Besides, if the rest of them went on and he didn't, the R&F might wonder why. :smirk:

  • John Free
    John Free

    Yep we are making cuts at bethel, sacking bethalites, printing less of the magazines that we already cut in half, we are sacking special pioneers- all so that we could spend more of your donations in the field.

    This does make sense.

    You will trust us.

    We are the Borg.

  • OneEyedJoe

    How do they actually spend money "in the field?" Aside from special pioneers (which are being let go, so that can't be it) what money are they spending to further preaching? Maybe you could include money spent supporting COs, but really most of the COs expenses are taken care of by a special resolution at the individual congregations, so they shouldn't be expected to donate more to the WWW for that. They're cutting back on literature, so that's not how they're spending more in the field either. Where's the money going?

    Something tells me that they got feedback from the May broadcast that "we aren't giving more money if you're just going to keep spending wastefully" and they're trying to walk the line by showing some fiscal responsibility without making it clear that they've really botched things up to this point (and that they clearly do not have god's blessing). Something tells me, though, that their "we need more money so we can spend it in the field" nonsense isn't going to get them much unless they're going to be more specific. Especially since starting at the beginning of this month they stopped paying the special pioneers that got the boot.

    Edit: Looks like John Free and I had a similar though...

  • slimboyfat

    I can't find January, the latest I can find is December.

    Came across this video though. What's with the intrusive music and close ups. Interesting how he says Jehovah "wasn't fictitious" not entirely convincingly. Caps it all off with the "where else can we go?" mantra at the end.


  • bohm
  • sir82

    How desperate are they?

    Given the 10's of millions they pull in every month thru contributions, a 15% increase is not insignificant.

    Were they wanting more than 15%?

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