Or was it Designed???

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  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Perry -

    From my perspective that picture you posted of the strata being dated in such a way demonstrates you haven't got the first idea about how geologists date the rocks they research. Put simply, there are 2 types of dating used: relative and absolute. The first, as the name suggests, dates the rocks relative to the surrounding rocks they are found in (older or younger). The second uses various radiometric methods to establish the actual age of the rock in question. You can use one or the other or both.

    Neither method I explained above is in any way reliant on the other method, as your picture erroneously suggests. However creationist websites and books continuously publish that drivel and people, such as you, continue to lap it all up.

    If you wished you could learn about these methods and how they work. You could come to understand the restrictions each of the available methods have and why these restrictions exist. You could learn how geologists and related scientists apply these methods and the processes they follow to avoid mistakes.

    Or you can continue to read these creationist websites in much the same manner that JW's are encouraged to read their literature in the firm knowledge that you are right and the entire scientific community is missing something obvious/is too stupid to realise they are being misled/is happy to be part of a big conspiracy to mislead the entire world (delete as you see fit).

  • Finkelstein

    All species evolve according in necessity toward the environment of which it strives to survive, including humans.

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