Or was it Designed???

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  • cofty

    Good example sir82

    Reaching these speeds involves the cheetah's skeleton, muscles, the specific proteins in the muscle fibres, energy systems and circulatory system. It also requires specific camouflage, claws, jaws teeth, digestive enzymes, eyesight and hearing and whole suite of instincts hard-wired into its brain as well as finely-tuned hormonal response.

    I wonder what exactly it was like before the naked lady ate the apple.

  • steve2

    Who'd have thought that a one-off dialogue with a talking snake and eating one forbidden fruit would be a significant driver in significant evolutionary shifts from herbivore to carnivore?

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    I dont understand why its an ultimatum - Bible God is creator OR no intervention evolution. What about designers - not wanting worship --not deities ---just designers ---eg the coastline designer in hitchhikers guide - I know its a fictional movie but the concept is cool---- I would be open to there being designers- even millions of them ---just not barbaric, murderous - Gods.

  • cofty

    Why do you think "designers" are necessary? Who designed the "designers"?

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    I'm not saying they are necessary but not ruling it out because I cannot categorically say one way or the other...

    just like where did energy come from

    thereare lots of questions religion and current discoveries don't answer yet so I wouldn't push my barrow as the only one...

    Im anti theist but not anti design myself... but hey it's just a concept that makes sense to me at this time...

    it's cool to be able to have our own views without having to subscribe to someone elses hey... FRREEEDOM

  • Jeffro

    Every time JW publications try this tactic of saying some particular species has some 'amazing' trait that 'must' have been 'designed', they demonstrate how dishonest they are.

    If this particular species of ant had to be 'designed' to withstand high temperatures, it would mean this specific species - and by extension all species - would need to be 'preserved' on the fairy-tale 'ark' rather than there only needing to be a few 'kinds' (a vacuous term with no taxonomic meaning).

    In addition, they implicitly assert that their 'loving' god deliberately 'designed' all manner of 'cruel' things in the natural world, such as parasites, viruses, etc.

    Back in reality, it is observable that species gradually adapt and become more diverse over time based on their suitability for their environment without requiring a 'designer'.

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    And Cofty your welcome to your ideas being different to mine... I won't shun you for it 😎

  • waton
    wonder what exactly it was like before the naked lady ate the apple. Cofty:

    Adam was hiding from the lions, because these vegetarians would find his carrot- like appendage appealing, ready to pounce. This lasted until the flood, fast evolution (your forte) only started after ~2700 BC. Then lions made such mistakes not any more,

    t's a good thing God designed cheetahs who could run 70 mph. Sometimes that vegetation really moves! sir82

    Yeah, try catching a fast tumbleweed.

    steve2 you underestimate the speed of evolution, that switch to predation only happened after the flood, when snakes had stopped talking. Even bacteria and viruses must vegetarian then, how else could Methuselah dodge them for 969 years?

  • Landy
    thereare lots of questions religion and current discoveries don't answer yet so I wouldn't push my barrow as the only one...

    And if you were an ancient Mayan you would have been offering up sacrifices to the gods to make your crops grow.

    Science has a track record of getting there in the end - we've no reason to doubt that progress will continue providing demonstrable, observable explanations for those pieces that aren't quite fitting together as yet.

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    Agreed Landy -

    I am atheist -No 'God'- I do not believe in some 'super judge' communicating with man through [imaginary or crazy] individuals ---- but other designers -not wanting worship--involved with earth macro issues ?? not so sure --

    To quote Carl Sagan:"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality. When we recognize our place in an immensity of light-years and in the passage of ages, when we grasp the intricacy, beauty, and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual."

    if science confirms other universes-which is plausible mathematically- with different life forms - as a number of prominent astrophysicists are saying - I'll be happy

    If science proves there is definitely no other life forms in the universe that had an impact on our development I will also accept this.

    and to quote Tom DeLonge in 'Young London' "I have a sense that we will be alright"

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