God, where are you?

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    donkey, like I said, if I "heard voices" (in the way you seem to suggest) I'd seek professional help!

    If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.
    Thomas Szasz

    You mis-categorize the type of experience I envision. To add to what Six says "sane if it's you," the sanity or insanity of the experience depends on what I "do" with it. Now, if I ran out in the street and scream "Hey, everybody, I just had a conversation with God! The first such conversation God has had with a human in 2,000 years! Come here, and let me tell you what he said!" then I'd probably deserve to be institutionalized. And if I started a religion and began imposing my "revelation" on others, then I deserve to be lobotomized. Such an experience, within the framework of a cognitive and interactive exchange between me (or my mind) and another "entity" would, I imagine (and I can obviously only speculate here) lead to a contemplative state.

    Also, to categorize any such personal experience as "insane" is predicated on the non-existence of God, which, as I've said above, you have not proved.

    For example, consider what Intro says:

    It is one thing to qualify it by saying "I think and/or feel this way about God", but quite another to just say "This is God" - when it is only an idea in your mind.

    If I'd never thought of that before, I just did now. So, from now on, if I did have such an experience, call it "out-of-body," "ecstatic," "transcendant," whatever...I'd be bound by my own suspicion that I've only just "encountered me (or perhaps, the 'all-that-is-not-me)" to hold back from any overt psychotic behavior.

    For the time being, I'll go with Samuel Butler:

    If God wants us to do a thing, he should make his wishes sufficiently clear. Sensible people will wait till he has done this before paying much attention to him.


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