What I Don't Miss at a District Convention

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  • Azalo

    Having someone pass a note to my father (elder) saying how me and my friends were talking and laughing during the session which meant that not only did I get my ass chewed and probably grounded but I had to sit with my parents the rest of the convention.

  • dobby

    Damn. After reading all these posts I am embarassed I ever looked forward to conventions. They really did suck.

    Nasty places to stay is what I hated the most. As kids we stayed in college dorm rooms with communal bathrooms. As an adult I always ended up with a nasty hotel room. Toward the end (before we left) we stopped getting a room and drove the 1 1/2 hours back and forth each day to our convention.

  • Sunspot

    I am sitting here laughing so hard, and trying not to wake anyone up!!! Some of these posts are just TOO funny!

    Personally, I won't even go down the same aisle in the grocery store where they keep the Shasta! That has GOT to be the nastiest tasting beverage on the planet.

    WE had a different problem in the Syracuse War Memorial........it was SO cold in there we had to bring blankets and jackets for the kids so they (and we) wouldn't turn blue by lunch.

    When I was in the wheelchair, I had a few assemblies where I didn't have to go up into the rafters to find a seat, and navigate those deadly cement stairs. BUT....it was even COLDER on the ground floor where the Elderly and wheelchair-bound folks sat, and I ended up wearing sweat pants under my skirt and a winter jacket to keep from shivering. It was really unbelievably cold. Talk about looking stupid when we left in 90 degree heat to go home!

    I'm SO glad to be done with the whole mess!



  • Prisca

    Thanks for the explanation of what "hoagies" and Shasta cola is. How disgusting they sound!

    We had to buy prepared sandwiches, but at least they were fairly fresh, and edible. We would have soft drinks (sodas) and fruit juice, and cakes. They were all brands that were known, and weren't too bad.

  • ikhandi

    The best part of the conventions was socializing through the assemblies with my girls and scoping out some of the cute brothers who were holding those ridiculous signs that read"keep moving"

    Sitting in the bleachers in the nose bleed section with binoculars and personal fans

    Staring at the damn time clock wondering when I am going to get the hell out of here

    Walking down those narrow stairs about to fall and break my azz in heels.

    Seeing people I hated, and pretending to like them

    Being on clean up duty for the womens bathroom.

    When they dimmed the lights for the dramas you could finally go to sleep.

    The mad dash to the stage to get those plastic flowers and leftover carpet

  • SpunkyChick
    I remember one year when I was making the hoagies! We all had to wear gloves, you know, the plastic clear ones. At the end of my session, I noticed I only had 9 plastic fingers on my gloves, one had broken off in one of the sandwiches! Hah, I wonder who got a bit of my glove in their hoagie?!

    SimpleSally - LOL! That is really gross and funny. I remember helping out on the assembly line too many times. Thanks for the story!

  • SpunkyChick

    Whoa, that last post has some funky formatting going on...

  • Pleasuredome

    being threatened with expulsion

  • LyinEyes

    Oh yeah I miss the fruit bags we used to get,,,,,,,,,,they were the highlight of what I looked forward to as a kid,,,,,,,,I always picked the one or two cherries they put in there.

    Yeah at one time we even had warm food , a greasy, very greasy chicken thigh with a soggy piece of white bread on top of it.

    I remember the greasy dougnuts as well, they were so good but made ya sick later.

    I still have in one of my JW scrapbooks I made as a kid,,,( yeah I was a nerd, saving all of my JW stuff) and found some 10cent food coupons.

    I hated it when as a mother of 3 had to pack and lug around food for a family of five,,,,,,, that was a pain in the butt. THe last few years of my JW years at conventions , my family disobeyed the GB advice and went to McDonalds and then went back to our room . I usually goofed around there , took the kids swimming durning the break and avoided the association with the brotherhood. I also came in late for the second half,,,,,,,,but the kids sure did love the swim and I wasnt in a hurry to get back to the fine spirtual food that Jehovah had provided for us. Anyway, it was always the same experiences with the same people so I didnt miss anything...........

  • Makena1

    I thought of myself as a very loyal JW for the most part - accepting everything from the publications without question - however, district assemblies were a real test for me.

    Basically, I agree with Big Tex's post - and felt especially dislike for the parking lot attendant nazi's.

    No more Dodger Stadium or Tacoma Dome for me!


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