What I Don't Miss at a District Convention

by simplesally 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • Soledad

    I dont miss my ass getting sore from those very uncomfortable seats.

  • blondie

    I knew I was on the road to rebellion when I stopped standing when they said to stand and sitting when they said to sit. I would sit during the announcements and stand up at the end to go to the restroom. After all I was taping the whole thing.

    Then when it was time to sing, I would stay seated. I refused to shut my eyes and bow my head during the prayer, nor would I say an audible amen. I was not the only one either.

    I would not buy a parking ticket at the KH. I would find a tersely worded note in my windshield wipers "suggesting" that I get one. What were they going to do, tow my vehicle? I always wondered about non-JWs who came and what they thought about the little note?

    I remember one assembly/convention where people had been putting meal tickets into the contribution boxes. They had a special announcement telling the "brothers and sisters" not to do that.

    I won't miss trying to eat in our vehicle because it was impossible to eat seated inside. People used to put out blankets on the grass outside the facility and have a little picnic, but they had an announcement about it looking too much like an outdoor party. We always thought about having a tailgate party. Some would bring big RVs and invite the special ones over for lunch inside.

    I won't miss looking for the most under-used restroom tucked away in the corner. I won't have to dodge the hairspray or perfume being sprayed making sure I will have a sneezy afternoon.

    I won't miss everyone saying at the end, "This is the best one ever."


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