My DF'd Niece Wasn't Reinstated Because She Talked To Me, My Daughter& Mom

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  • blondie

    minimus, silly man, they would have to understand the craziness of the JW philosophy in order to reject their judgmental picture of God and their acting as his judges on earth.


  • SloBoy


    My thoughts are with your niece and her family. All I can say is make sure that she keeps seeing her therapist and stays on meds. Elders kill vulnerable, fragile, people. I hope she and her parents find the loving support they need.

    God is love and we will never become loving people through a process of hating.

    Done with the Witchtower after 4 decades plus.

    Always enjoy your posts.

    Much concern.

    Dragonfly5 (SloBoy's spouse)

  • shera

    Poor dear ....give her a hug from me Min.

  • minimus

    My thinking is that such misuse of the Scriptures will help my family see how pathetic and ungodly this organization truly is.

  • Pistoff

    It is all such a pathetic control game. And one that is inconsistent at that; if she was related to the elders in any way, or was able and willing to play political games, she would already be reinstated.

    I hate politics, but it is the only thing that has kept me in.

  • Dansk
    Then they said that they "got a report" that my daughter and I were seen talking and fraternizing with her many months ago at a restuarant/bar. They mentioned this 3 times.


    If your niece was DFd and you were seen talking and fraternizing with her did that bring the wrath of the elders down on you and your daughter?


  • minimus

    Dansk, not yet. I don't think they're going to want to make a huge issue over this with me again, since this was raised a few months back in a different situation with my niece and our families. The elders in the cong. that my niece and brother are in are the JC, not the elders in my Hall.....btw, Dansk, why that question, on your part???

  • BluesBrother

    Stories like this really annoy me now . What gives these men the right to play judge and jury over peoples lives?

    I guess the answer is that people give them the power by acting in obedience to their rulings. If nobody obeyed, they would fade away.

    I was trying to remember what it was like to sit on a committee. As someone said, it is difficult to be always the odd one out, and you can be easily swayed by the group psychology to go with the other two. It is easy to accede and say "Ok, lets give her another six months "

    The trouble is that you really believe that you are acting for the Holy Spirit.. Poor deluded fools

  • minimus

    People give other people power. That is a fact of life. It happens at home, school, work, government and in religion. It happens all the time, everywhere. That's why there are leaders and there are followers. Power can corrupt. It can make humble men think that they act for God.

  • Yerusalyim

    She's better off NOT being ReInstated.

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