Does your cat eat grass?

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  • shamus

    What also cures hairballs is vaseline.... put it on your finger, and the furball will think it's a TREAT! Trust me! Also, giving a spoonful of wet food everyday will help with the horrendous habit!

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    All the cool cats I know only smoke the grass

  • JH

  • SheilaM

    LadyLee: Thanks LOL Ya Jaguear is about 27 pounds and HUGE so tons of fur. I have to delint everything, but I wouldn't want them outside. LOL at the shaving comments.

  • Ravyn

    Here is a post of mine from a cat-lovers board I though someone here might like!:

    pics of my babies-

    I have a Norwegian Forest Cat, Magick(Mage), who is black with a spot of white locket and some on his belly-bellys. I have a white short-haired odd-eye, Merlin. and my little darling and the bane of her brothers--my gray tabby Mau, Mystick(Myssi).

    I make their cat food. I find it cheaper and healthier and I know they will eat it. I buy either canned fish(tuna, salmon, mackerel)or baby food(First Foods)meats--they LOVE the ham, beef, chicken and turkey--not much for the veal, or when I am splurging for a holiday treat i sometimes get them crabmeat, shrimp or liver pate. I add to one of these meats 3 tablespoons of Gerber's 'Rice Cereal with Formula' and either a couple of capsules of fish oils or a teaspoon of the made-for-pets shiny coat oil, and enough water to make it the right consistency. One little jar of baby food feeds all three cats for a whole day's meals---this is ALOT cheaper than me buying cans and cans of the stuff they let go bad or dried up because they didn't want it anymore. They never turn their noses up at baby food. I have a hairball formula extra fiber dry kibble always available with fresh water(if it is not freshened frequently I have three howling protestors about environmental issues!)and occasionally my big Wegie still wants some 'milky' or yogurt. I give them their 'salad' every day and sometimes a couple of tablespoons of that frozen mixed veggie bag for soups with the little diced veggies--with butter of course.

    yes, flipping open a can is faster, but not always easier. Stinky and messy getting it out of the can especially early in the AM when every one is demanding breakfast. the baby food mix can be made the night before and refrigerated--it serves easier chilled and the cats dont mind. Does not stink up the fridge. I also serve them on small paper plates. They like having fresh plates every day and I like just tossing them when they are done. for the kibble trough I lined an old wooden tea tray with waxed paper-just replace the paper when you need to.

    and for the tubby time or giving medicine, or cleaning ears and eyes....nothing beats one of those mesh laundry bags like for putting pantyhose and delicates in! put the cat in the bag, draw the closure up to cats neck about like a collar for tightness and VOILA! Kitty cant run away, but you can bathe them right thru the mesh! also you can roll them in a towel(in the mesh bag) to give pills, and other meds. Just do not ever leave them unattended in the bag---it could be fatal.

    I have walked my Wegie on a lead ever since he was a baby kitten, but one word of advice---get a figure '8' harness if you attempt to do is nearly impossible for them to get out of it and I have seen cats majorly freak on leashes before.

    My favorite kitty story happened when Mage was a baby. He was playing with the double cords on the window blinds. He had one foot on one cord and was smacking the other one with his free paw. All of a sudden his claw stuck and he unlocked the blinds -and down they came and up he went! He was attached to the blind cord and ended up standing on his hind legs barely touching the sill until I could get him free. He never played with blinds again!(And I keep the cords taped now.)


  • myself
    OTOH I believe grass is a medication for cats & dogs, it helps cats get the fair ball up out of their throat,

    Brummie, I saw this from your post after hitting the link that Reborn had on the licking thread. Now if cats would stop licking there they wouldn't have to dislodge those "fair balls".

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Sheila -- 27 pounds OMG Mine is only 12 and I think he is huge. I am in fur ball hell over here with 2 12-lb cats. Can't imagine your place

    Ravyn Some people say the Norwegian Forest cat is an ancestor to the Maine Coon. They have a lot of similarities

    Siki My Maine Coon

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    I have 2 Coons. A 12 lb girl and an 18 lb boy. Both need to get more muscle and less 'belly-bag'. For several years I had 4. I am very familiar with rat-sized hairballs. If you can do it, going once a week or 2 on a day-long or half-day fast seems to 'bring them up' easier. I don't leave food out for mine all the time. They're fed 2x a day.

    Cats are true carnivores. They have a short digestive tract. They can certainly injest vegetable matter, but can't really extract nutrition from most of it (it's not in the cat long enough). They do need roughage. Wild felines get nutritional value from partially digested stomach contents of the rodents they caught (sorry, might seem gross but true). Cats can't synthesize the amino acid taurine and will go blind if fed a totally vegetarian diet.

    I don't know whether it was an old wive's tale, but I was told as a kid that cats and dogs eat grass instinctively, and that it helps clean their digestive tracts of worms. So, either it's a natural emetic (makes ya throw up) for a sick animal or a vegetable colon cleanser...your choice.

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Have you read Anitra Frazier's or Dr. Pitcairn's books? Anitra's are exceptionally good, especially "The New Natural Cat: A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners".


    Would you believe I not only used to bathe mine at least once a month, I blow dried them?? I used to show them (show cats are bathed and blow-dried so they don't get that 'bad perm' wave on their tummies). I started when they were babies so they accepted it with a minimum of "help I'm being drowned" actual struggle. They haven't had a bath in years but will still lay still while I comb their tummies (they know better than to argue with mommy).

    My avatar is a picture of my boy. I had it taken at a show we went to.

  • Mulan

    We have a little cat book and it says that cats eat grass because they like the taste of it. It doesn't mean they are sick. They usually throw it up because it doesn't digest well. They probably aren't made to be vegetarians.

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