Does your cat eat grass?

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  • JH


    You made me laugh. Your avatar looks just like my cat when she is eating grass outside.. profile

  • minimus

    JH, that avatar with the tongue sticking out is hillarious. You cool cat, you.

  • Ravyn

    I go out and pick a 'salad' everyday for my three inside cats. I choose tender grass and white clover, strawberry leaves, sometimes a piece of dandelion. My cats also like roses, which means I have vases spilled all the time if my husband brings me flowers. I give my cats broccoli and peas and carrots and they love most beans. Just stay away from onions and garlic.


  • Hamas


  • Abaddon

    Yeah, cats will eat/gnaw at greenery, they mostly know what they're doing although I'm sure some parts of the world have plants that could cause a reaction.

    Regarding good old Satavia indica (sp?), or hemp... well, yes... I have to watch our cat or she'll hover up any crumbs on my rolling tray...

    ... she doesn't like smoke though, although sometimes she'll sniff a cloud of smoke and flick her ears...

    ... I knew someone who had a cat that would go round a room following a spliff, sitting on however had the doobie enjoying the 'passive' smoke, and then following the spliff to the next person...

    ... of course, the gap between the spliff being passed and the cat following tended to get longer as the evening progressed, as it got progresively more relaxed.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    When I was a young child...a long time ago...

    My grandmother ..who was a nurse...used to wrap her black cat "Stinky" in a sheet..with only his head sticking out..and put drops of cod liver oil down his throat.

    I asked her why she did this..she said "It keeps him from getting furballs!".

    I thought that was a good idea..wrap him in a sheet (tightly) and layed him on the ironing board ..that way he couldn't scratch or bite her while she gave him "His Medicine!"...

    I had a smart Grandma!....

    She didn't let him outside at all. So he couldn't eat grass...

    Snoozy...aka..Golden Girl

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Sheile I have a Maine Coon too. The best way to cut down on the amount of furballs is to shave the cat - brush him regularly. Mine gets the hairball remedy cat food and occasional grass. Hubby does the brushing and the cat rolls over when you tell him so he can brush the other side

    In your case you might have to shave all the pets brush all the pets more often to reduce the amount of fur the Coon is swallowing

  • Stephanus

    Of course, as others have said, that cats are totally carnivorous is a myth; they do eat grass quite often. They also need a fair bit of non-meat material in their diet. I've had vets advise me to mix rice in with the cat food. Our now deceased fluffy cat (the one whose pic is my avatar) used to eat most veges left on our kids' plates (as long as there was plenty of butter on them ). You may have noticed the modern trend in cat foods towards "casseroles" - with noticeable pieces of carrot, peas,corn and beans in the mix. As I point out to my wife, leaving them intact instead of pureeing them in the gravy is for our benefit, not the cat's - we can feel all soppy and good inside that our pussycat is getting his veges!

  • Reborn2002

    Getting kind of desperate to be asking such questions are we JH?

    You can't think of anything better to ask then to poll the board about the dietary preferences of a feline?


    What's next?

    Coprophagia? (for those naive of medical terminology, look it up)

    Does your dog eat feces? Why not. I should start a thread about that.

  • JH
    Getting kind of desperate to be asking such questions are we JH?

    Yes I am.

    I'm like a good baseball player with a .300 average. 3/10 of my threads are decent.

    As for the 7/10 that are not, well, go eat a hot dog...

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