Does your cat eat grass?

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  • JH

    My cat lives inside, and once in a while I bring her outside. I bring her outside to walk and get exercise, but no she sits there and eats grass. That's all she does is eat grass. She must think she's a lawnmower.

    Then she comes back inside and a few hours after she throws up the grass she ate. *just beautiful*

    Exterior cats don't do that. Is this normal?

    Does your cat act this way?

  • minimus

    JH, bud, you've gotta ask better questions than that . C'mon, I know you can think of a better one...... C'mon.

  • shamus

    ALL cats eat grass. It's quite normal. People who have indoor cats usually have a patch of grass that they grow just for their indoor cats.

  • Xandria

    We think of cats and dogs as carnivores and they surprize us by eating vegetables, leaves, and grass. This grass grazing and regurgitation athough cow like, it is gross when they vomit. It is unclear why the animal does this but it stimulates vomiting in the animal. Some think it is to help with an upset stomach, or hairball,etc. You may wish to speak to your Vet about the habit.

    Some plants and grasses are toxic due to pesticides and varities. Some cats are just determined to be lawnmowers. Cat nip ( which is like mary jane for cats), and other things can be a bit more safer for your animal.


    OF the my kitty is a mean green grass eating machine.

  • Brummie

    Personally I dont chew grass, it makes me sick.

    OTOH I believe grass is a medication for cats & dogs, it helps cats get the fair ball up out of their throat, just prod your finger around in the little pile the cat leaves on your carpet next time and you may find this. If a dog chews grass it is supposed to be a sign of illness.

    Frankly I dont know what I'm talking about.


  • SheilaM


    YES, they do all cats tdo that. In fact so do dogs. My Maine Coons sit at the door but only Jag tries to make a run for it. He is wicked furry and grooms the three dogs and the other two cats, so he is full of furballs. THEN he urps but it gets the hairballs up.

    I have tried all the medicine etc. but they say that there are oils that you can put on the food. Some of the hairball formula food is good also. They also have kitty grass I buy they eat and then urp but hairballs in Maine Coons can be deadly. They are so furry it can actually wrap around their stomach and kill them.

    My Cairn Terrier (dog) eats so much grass because she eats EVERTHING

  • SheilaM
  • Brummie

    Gee when I started writing my reply there was no answers to this thread apart from Minimus! Wrenks...THEY ALL PUSHED IN


  • JH
    JH, bud, you've gotta ask better questions than that . C'mon, I know you can think of a better one...... C'mon.

    Minimus :hat

  • xjw_b12

    I've never seen Jake our Cairn Terrier eat grass, but Lady our German Shepherd does eat grass. and I've caught her eyeing up Jake a few times, contemplating eating him !

    And if our neighbour's cat ever decides to leap the fence into our backyard, Lady would lose her interest in grass very quickly !

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