There are people at the end of threads

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  • Brummie

    Ok I wonder whose sitting at home hurting over something that has been said to them on here? I wonder whose been totally critisised for good intentions and harmless threads or posts? What happened to the ability to discuss things like an adult instead of diving in and making out the person who began the thread was just trying to cause trouble? Some do, some dont.

    It might just be the internet but there are still feelings being hurt, you move on to your next post gleely while the last person you responded to sits at home hurting because of your callousness(sp), happy about it are you? Feel big because you can hurt someone more than another? You can say something real hard to impress others? This is what appears to be happening on several occasions, not just this week.

    Its refreshing to find not many here who fit that description, but somethings happened this week to have everyone flying down each others necks. Look at Moes thread for instance, harmless to the core, it could have been a real interesting discussion, but i'll bet she's sitting there hurting right now, no one likes to be misunderstood or accused of anything, but she was, and then she gets the blame for it. Go read the thread, highlight were she was wrong? No-one was wrong, and people got hurt! Does that make sense?

    Anyhow, too much baby talk going on, send her some encouragement by PM if necessary. There are people at the end of threads, be nice to em.


  • minimus

    thanx for the good reminder.

  • Simon

    True, and timely.

    I think there is too nuch dismissiveness of people's feelings, labelling of new posters as "trolls" and not enough thought about how our comments affect someone.

    There are plenty of examples of posters who have got their "jollies" and kicks from antagonising and arguing with people online. They are the typical coward / bully type who would probably be different in person.

    We should all be careful we don't become like that and start "enjoying the fight"

  • ozziepost

    Make love, not war.

  • Joyzabel

    LOL @ Ozziepost. You sound like you are back in the '60's. You're not that old!!!

  • Mystery

    I am hear to learn and regain believe in people and to have peace within myself.

    Maybe that is selfish. But that is why I am here. I have been deceived and lied to all of my life. People in “the truth” have lied to me about “the future”. People at school have made fun of me because of my beliefs. After I left, people made fun of me because I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere.

    Then one day, I decided to be myself; not a JW, not a popular person, not someone who followed and did not lead. I began small and the longer I did it the more of a leader I became. I have been a leader for a long time now.

    But my shortcoming is that I do not know what is “believed” in my heart. I found this site; whether by coincidence or by “fate” regardless, I found it.

    I read this site for experiences of what others are going thru; for a laugh sometimes when things feel like they are falling apart (like today); but I also look for knowledge, mostly I look for knowledge.

  • ozziepost

    Yeah, Joy, I'm that old! Yesterday a child asked Mrs ozzie if I were her father!!!!!!! Now I guess that's a compliment for Mrs Ozzie, eh??!!

  • Shakita

    Yes, Brummie, it is easy to forget sitting behind our computer that there are real flesh and blood human beings on the receiving end of our comments. I try to remember that when posting to newbies, always stating that even though I can give them my experiences and insight, I am not a professional and to please take my post to them for what it is worth....just my attempt to help them as much as I can. When I was reading the recent upsetting posts here, I was thinking about the potential newbies that might be put off because of all the online fighting. I hope that it doesn't scare them away......that would be a damn shame.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • StinkyPantz

    The problem is that there are some posters who appear not to care in the least bit if they are offending someone. I have offended a couple people and have since apologized, but I rarely get that courtesy. Why can some get away with anything and everything?

  • minimus

    Stinky, don't ask that question or you might get

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