Where's Dutchie ???

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  • Brummie
    Did you have another name here previously Herk?

    Herk is fjtoth right? Just like fjtoth he (she?) goes and deletes all post when he/she loses an argument (argument=read debate).


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Dutchie found what she needed and moved on with her life. I'm happy for her.

    Guest 77

  • 144thousand_and_one

    edited in the interests of peace.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    What? What? What?

    Dutchie was/is an imposter?

    GET OUT!

    Actually, I was wondering about what happened to her, myself. Someone brave enough to post the details? I'm very curious.

    I found parts of her situation/story a little incredible, but figured that stranger things have happened to other people.

    So, was her hair cutting story a fabrication too? Now, THAT would piss me off.

    "She" also hated that we posted about sex so much.

    Well, such is life on JWD.


  • Joyzabel

    "So, was her hair cutting story a fabrication too? Now, THAT would piss me off."

    yes, 'fraid so.

  • LyinEyes

    I started a thread several months ago asking where Dutchie was, with no respone, but an email from someone who said she needed to get away.

    Was that picture of her really her? Did any of you met her in person?

    She was always so nice and pleasant and I missed her post when she suddenly dropped out of site.

  • crownboy

    How do we know you really exist SixofNine? You could just be a really good Bethel mole, too.

    It is indeed strange that Dutchie has disappeared so suddenly. AlanF seems to have put foward a good possible reason. I actually spoke to her on email a couple of times, but she stopped replying after about the time she left here. Oh well.

  • herk

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  • AlanF

    The above picture is not of Dutchie. The picture (and others like it) are of a model and comes from a website.

    A bit more on what blew Dutchie's fakery for me: A day or two after the Silentlambs march in September, she told certain people that she, in her capacity as a lawyer, happened to be in the lobby of the main Bethel building at 25 Columbia Heights, and that from there she and many others overheard Pat Garza making her accusations against Ted Jaracz. Now, I happened to be videotaping Garza the entire time, and I can vouch that there is no possible way that anyone inside the Bethel lobby could have overheard anything at all. There was far too much traffic noise from the major expressway just 100-150 meters distant, Garza was facing away from the lobby entrance, and the entranceway has two glass walls separated by about 3 meters, which is a very good sound insulator. Sound simply cannot have gotten through. I know, because I've been in that lobby a number of times and the extremely loud traffic noise is barely audible. Therefore I knew that Dutchie was lying about this. Since she was lying about this, then she was probably lying about any number of other things. A couple of months later, when someone caught her in specific lies, she knew the jig was up.


  • herk

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