The Demons were messing with me last night!

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  • olongapo joe
    olongapo joe

    So said my pops one morning. We were visiting my sister in eastern Tennessee and the night before after everyone else went to bed pops was watching tv when all of a sudden and completely on it's own the tv changed to the tonight show, HOLY SMOKES!! must be demons cause pops didn't change it! So a little later after pops turns off the tv to read he hear's someone go psssssttt, WHAT THE HECK EVERYONE IS IN BED, 30 minutes later again pssssttt, he couldn't take it anymore so he prayed to Jehovah and went to bed.

    The next morning he's telling us about it, my sister and brother in law look at each other and while trying to suppress laughter inform him my BIL had preprogrammed the tv for the tonight show as he knew pops liked to watch it. As for the demons who were pssssttting at him was nothing more than an automatic air freshener.

    Sad that when something happened he couldn't explain, first thought, its the demons.

    Not to let my sister off the hook, a few days later we are sitting in the backyard a ways from the house, she says, why are the wind chimes on the porch ringing? They was absolutely no wind, yet the chimes are lightly ringing, so she's like what the hell, now she has not set foot in a kingdom hall or any other church for 35 years but first thing comes to her mind is DEMONS, my BIL and I are teasing her and laughing, and she getting mad cause were laughing at her. Finally I said I'll check it out, as I near the house I hear the washing machine is in spin cycle and creating enough vibration to move the wind chimes. Again sad that the JW instilled fear of demons from our child hood can effect my middle age sister who has had nothing to do with JW"s for the past 35 yrs.

  • Carol1111
    I find it sad that people live in fear of something that does not exist. It is like a mental illness.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Yeah one night i heard groaning and moaning coming from our study.....then I realized I had not turned off my computer. 😈
  • Rosemarie
    A aah common mean you can't see the funny side of that
  • Diogenesister
    😂😂😂😂😂 ha ha ha keep em coming - I love these stories!!
  • KateWild

    I like that story. I think that many who don't wake up and leave are still scared of demons and believe in the paranormal.

    Kate xx

  • eyeuse2badub

    So very many of the f**king things that many, many jw's and ex-jw's fear, were created by the WT organization in order to create a need for the organization and even a need for jehober. Some things can't be logically explained, BUT in jw-land, if the the thing that happened was good, jehober, but if it's bad, satan.

    "Create a need and fill it" is the absolute best business model ever thought of! And the WT organization has perfected the "create a need and fill it" business model!

    just saying!


  • ToesUp
    Thanks for posting. I needed a good laugh this morning. Too funny!
  • OnTheWayOut

    Televisions respond to electronic signals in the air. Strange things can happen without demons.
    You figured out the wind chimes. It's a shame people default to such an extreme explanation.

    Watchtower doesn't help. It feeds such feelings.

    It's not just demons. We've had people on this forum that allow their own coincidences/problems/beliefs/possible mental illness develop into a whole belief system where God or the angels are talking to them.

    Science does understand the causes of hearing voices, vibrations do sometimes cause wind chimes to chime without wind, electronic devices can have glitches for all kinds of reasons, strange coincidences do happen.

  • SafeAtHome

    Next time what would be really funny is someone sneak outside with a remote and aim it through a window at the TV and keep changing channels and volume while he cries out JEHOVAH SAVE ME!!!

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