The Demons were messing with me last night!

by olongapo joe 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Giordano

    You know it's just not the JW's a lot of people hear things that go bump in the night. I imagine it's an evolutionary holdover to be scared of strange sounds and movement as it just might be something real coming to make a meal out of you.

    Funny stuff Ojoe

  • DJS
    Blame Shifting - The devil made me do it. It is a pathetic part of our species. We will never fulfill the potential in our DNA unless and until we take full ownership of our actions, thoughts and behaviors and stop blaming something or someone else for our fukk-ups and our fukked up personality traits.
  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    One time I heard scratching under the floor beneath my bed. It was a giant rat. I would have preferred a demon.
  • under the radar
    under the radar

    You faithless heathens! Don't you fools realize that all this really WAS the demons? They just planted some "logical" explanation to throw you off the track! Just like they planted all the dinosaur bones and fossils so they would eventually be discovered and undermine people's faith in the big J-dog.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see... whatever hoo-haa the superstitious simpletons are selling the gullible now.

  • Vidiot

    Didn't someone here once tell a story about a fervent JW who'd stayed at another's house, and got all demon-freaked about the temperature going up and down throughout the night, coinciding with spooky noises from the basement?

    Spoiler: it was the house's furnace.

  • Alive!

    That is a very funny story @OP !

    It made me think - JWs reject any kind of modern day supernatural activity that may involve evoking Christ/God as in healings, miracles etc......

    Yet they accept the activity of demons, every witness I knew would know better than to publically 'poo poo' a demon story, no matter how minor or major....having a demon visitation was taken seriously.

    And No, I've never experienced anything like that :-)

  • violias

    Back when garage door openers and remotes were new shiny things that not everyone had I recall our TV being turned off and on a few times. We were afraid it was the demons to be sure until we figured out that garage door openers ( at least at that time) could interfere with a TV signal.

    Also once heard a phone call made from a private home to a business on TV. I copied down the number and called the business to let them know I had just heard a phone call to their number. It was 1969 so who knows how that happened.

    I bet a lot of demon stories are just electronics gone wild.

  • smiddy

    I have heard a number of stories of lone sisters being molested in their beds by Demons ......or was that just wishful thinking on there part .


  • nicolaou

    Satan's malevolent minions are causing so much misery and all you folks can do is laugh at their misfortune?!

    For shame.

  • wallsofjericho

    I've heard so many "demon attack" stories

    To this day I still frustrate my family when I refuse to agree with them about demons

    My question to them is: "what are you doing that invites so many demons into your home?"

    They don't like that question

    At the end of the day, every person I've ever known that has shared a demon story with me had been a heavy drug user (legal and illegal) or alcoholic

    Demons don't seem to like rational sober people

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