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  • Reborn2002


    You will find that there are thousand's of people just like you. You are not alone.

  • jst2laws

    Good to have you here Freedomrules.

    And how grand of you to have found your freedom on your own. Many of us enjoyed the input and support of others as you will find here.

    Hope you stick around


  • Sunspot

    WELCOME Freedomrules!

    What you said about your Grandmother also struck home with me! I felt the same way, and felt guilty because I was hoping she'd die long before she did.........what a SICK TWISTED way of thinking. Always teaching us NOT to "enjoy today" for what it is, or what we can MAKE it......but putting everything loving and human on "HOLD", to fit into the WTS's lies......

    Nice to have you here, and glad to hear another one has escaped the Witchtower Trick & Babble Society's way of thinking!



  • SkeptikSharon

    Welcome FreedomRules!

    I am new to this board as well. I have been out for about 5-6 years, formally disfellowshipped in 1998, after going to the elders and telling them to disfellowship me. I was pretty much raised in the truth. The hardest part for me has been the guilt. Growing up always feeling guilty that I would never be good enough. Being told to try my best and MAYBE I'll live through Armageddon. Really sucks. I have also started celebrating holidays and birthdays, mostly because my husband does (though hes not at all religious in any way). I have not as of yet told my mom about that. My mom was not very strong in the "truth" and so she always felt guilty about that. Then I left and my sister left. My mom blames herself for us leaving, thinking that if she had been stronger, we would never have left. I love my mom to death and to know that she carries around all this guilt because of this religion really makes me angry. My mom is a good person and she shouldn't have to feel that way. But she really believes them. That really hurts me.

  • xjw_b12

    to Freedomrules, and to SkepticSharon as well.

    Freedom. Sounds like you did all the hard work yourself, before you arrived here. Situation similar to myself. If I had found this site earlier, with the stories from other posters, and then links to other sites, it would have made my exit a lot easier.

    But the important thing is you and Sharon are here now. It kind of took my breath away, when I first arrived, to realize what a worldwide group, we have here, with similar stories to share. So refreshing and exhilarating at the same time. A rebirth I like to refer to it as.

    Look forward to hearing more from both of you.

    xjw_b12 " Millions Now Living Will Never Die Know "

  • Garnet

    Welcome to the board...I am also very new...I have been hanging out doing a lot of research before I decided to make my first post...which, this is it! I am hoping that I can get lots of advice from others out there.

  • caligirl

    Welcome freedomrules!

    My parents are still in as well, and still talk to all of us. I did the fade, as did my siblings. I can relate to what you are saying about the kids being vocal to the grandparents about holidays- my 6 year old delights in telling everyone about his halloween costume or birthday presents.( I actually secretly enjoy watching my mother squirm over my son's enthusiasm for the holidays) I decided that I was not going to put the burden on my child of having to remember not to mention holidays to Grandma. He knows that my parents do not celebrate holidays and that they are witnesses and we are not, but other than that I decided that it was up to my parents to deal with whatever they felt about it, not up to a child to have to learn to hide his life from them. We have established a don't ask don't tell type of relationship with my parents regarding the religion issue. They don't bring it up, and neither do we. I have told them that I have very sound reasons for my decision to quit and not raise my children as witnesses and made it known that should they ever wish to actually hear my reasons, I would be happy to have that discussion at some future date, but other than that we do not discuss it. They are fully aware that we do celebrate holidays, but they overlook it for the sake of maintaining a relationship with their children and grandchildren.

  • mouthy

    Welcome aboard All the newbies .. I am one of the :grammies" my grandchildren ( JW) are praying will die before Armeggedon...She told me five years ago the last time I spoke to her.. I am glad your parents are good to you.. But watch that sister who was reading to your little ones. I have a support group- & the stories they all tell me about their dreams & fears of Armeggedon.It doesnt seem to leave them for years. My suggestion is dont leave them with HER... Even if you do love her. ( (((hugs)

  • onacruse

    FreedomRules, SkeptikSharon, and Garnet, welcome to you all

    I feel like I'm the only person in my shoes sometimes.

    That is the "operational phrase." Departure from the WTS (or any other high-control group) leaves that residue in our souls. When I came to this forum a few months ago, I literally cried and laughed, sometimes simultaneously, as I realized that I AM NOT ALONE.

    Welcome to a new community of life.

    Craig & Katie

  • Valis

    hey freedom! Welcome to the forum!


    District Overbeer

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