Will You Stop Listening To Michael Jackson’s Music?

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  • Giordano

    ........ I see no reason to contribute to the bottom line of a recording/performing artist who committed acts of sexual child abuse. And this includes their estate.

    Art is a huge industry........ as is performing artists. I can find better ones to celebrate and experience then human abusers..

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I think that we can resume the MJ/pedophile issue to two options:

    1) Was never cough by the cops, the parents and the hundreds of people who worked on his staff while he went on to abuse several children over decades.

    2) Was falsely accused by a few people who are after the money.

    A court of his pears choose the second option.

    So, who am I to declare the man guilty with “proofs” filtered by the media? Until then, I enjoy his music and can only thank the man for all the charitable works he has done in the past. Some of his music still inspire me to be a better man.

  • silentbuddha

    I will continue to listen to his music...

    Will people stop watching football because half of them beat their wives?

    How about no more soccer since many are racists and rapists?

    In court he was found not guilty, so why will I just believe these two.

    I like his music, I will listen to it..I'll still listen to R. Kelly as well if he actually has songs that I like.

    Mozart was disgusting as well,

  • Simon
    A court of his pears choose the second option.

    Those are not binary options.

    He could have abused people, could have been known to abuse people and it not be reported or handled properly AND have people try to profit from that knowledge (including some people making false accusations). Part of the fame / money is being able to pay people off instead of facing the consequences.

    Really, what were the parents of these kids thinking? Maybe too busy cashing cheques and enjoying their new lavish lifestyles to really do what was best for their children.

  • minimus

    I agree that plenty of people may have sordid pasts . I think most of Hollywood over the years has actors , directors , producers, that aren’t morally upright. Same for musicians, artists etc. If I decided to judge a person’s morals in order to enjoy music, arts or entertainment, I wouldn’t be enjoying too much of anything.

  • minimus

    Btw, I like most of Robert DiNero’s movies. I hate his politics. I can separate the two.

  • minimus

    The Robson Family Fund will take any donations that you might like to give for the family. It’s ready to go ! 💰💵💳

  • RubaDub

    I really have to tone it down now when going door to door.

    I have already been counselled by an elder not to do the moon walk in field service.

    Rub a Dub

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    I think a better question is; will you continue to listen to some of his particular songs like;

    Pretty Young Thing

    Give in to me

    I just can’t stop loving you

    Love never felt so Good


  • cofty

    I haven't listened to his music since the original court case.

    When will people stop making exceptions for wealthy celebrities? He was so obviously guilty.

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