Will You Stop Listening To Michael Jackson’s Music?

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  • minimus

    Since the HBO documentary, more people are condemning MJ. Will these child abuse allegations affect you if you ever liked his music?

  • LV101
    Didn't watch the documentary and his music is not played on the pop stations/Sonos/Sirius I tune into but I'll never listen to his music again.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    I haven't watched the MJ documentary (I don't have a TV licence ... in the UK you need a TV licence to watch TV).

    I don't know if MJ is guilty or if he is, what he is guilty of.

    But it doesn't look good.

    Even if he did nothing criminal, it is very odd for an adult man to have sleep-overs with other people's children.

    I have never listened much to his music, although I like Human Nature and a few of his other songs.

    Will I stop listening to Human Nature? Probably not.

    The movie director Roman Polanski had similar allegations made against him by a 13 year old girl. Polanski fled the US to avoid justice and has lived in exile ever since. Was he guilty? Yeah, probably.

    But I still watch his film Rosemary's Baby - it's a classic, definitely one of my favourite films.

    I guess some people separate people who have done bad things from their art; other people will stop buying such art.

  • Tobyjones262

    This is the problem with people and celebrities. They either run to worship them or run form them and burn their products. This is the thing, These people put out a product. They act in a movie or sing a song and we listen or watch. I don't care to meet them, know them or what they ate for dinner or whos hoo hoo they put their haha in. I have several MJ vinyl albums. Was he a mentally ill person? Seems like he sure was. But if I listen to Thriller does not mean I think he is a good person. I think most of hollyweird is gay or some other thing that is out of the norm they want to push in the face of others who don't agree. I can see someone torrenting a movie or music so as not to support them financially but to not watch or listen? I would bet 99% of actors are freaks in some way or another.

  • minimus

    I can separate the man or woman from their art.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Can you separate Paul Simon from his Art?

  • minimus

    Paul who?? Lol

  • Simon

    I believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile and got away with it due to fame and money. That thankfully no longer seems to be the shield it once was but the US justice system seems particularly weak in prosecuting people who are famous.

    In a way, Jackson is the US equivalent to Jimmy Saville. Everything that happened was blindingly obvious in hindsight, but was accepted, allowed and enabled at the time.

    I find it incredible that there will be people who still idolize "stars" even when such details come out.

    I don't think his music should be played in the radio. Unlike say a director or a composer, it's actually him performing, his voice ... I'd rather not listen to a pedophile singing however catchy the tune might be.

  • Tobyjones262

    I can separate Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel from their art. Great singers but I don't want to know them.

  • ShirleyW

    Brothers . . . the society has a new proclamation that any music from our former brother, Michael Jackson, is no longer appropriate to be played in our homes for entertainment. If you feel the need for some musical enjoyment,. we will be releasing CDs of the spiritual melodies from our songbook. I can think of no other way to fully enjoy the gift of music than the music of Jehovah . . . .

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