Does the W.T have financial problems are are they just rebranding?

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  • Vidiot

    Crazyguy - "...Their broke and desperate but will survive."

    A pale shadow of their former selves.

    I can live with that.

  • committeechairman

    The thing I keep going back to in my head is that for the first time ever, they announced that they have a global deficit situation going on and then not three months later announce a 25% (as it is a playing out it is turning out to be more of an average of 35% as I hear it). This is completely unprecedented and I believe it indicates complete failure is at least possible. The question is: will the governing body lose the majority's confidence. This is a tricky question. I can't help but think of the ending scenes in The Truman Show - one of my favorite movies and a movie that has a lot of parallels to Jehovah's Witnesses and the organization. Personally, I identify strongly with Truman as he has listened to Christof (JW Authority) and is about to step through this door. Many of you are about to, have, or will be soon stepping through the door. However, what's far more interesting, is how a whole group of Jehovah's Witnesses deal with the "show going off the air". What will they do? Most everyone has devoted their whole life to the religion. They will find something else to focus on. Some will need professional help. Families being held together artificially by Witness rules and regulations will fly apart and people will go their own separate ways. And an unnatural organization that never should have become what it is today, will be an entry in Wikipedia and off the air.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    CommitteeChairman: Very insightful words you wrote.

    WT/GB really won't care if their game is up because the less sheeple that come, WT/GB will just turn around and sell the KHall that they, now, conveniently own. They will make more money from selling the KHall versus what those sheeple would happifyingly give from what ever is left in their pocket(s).

    PS After waking up, I was lost for a bit. Going by WT/GB rules, regulations... every day for a life time, it takes time to dilute absolute thinking into normality.

    Thankfully, it can be done. ^^^^^ Truman did get out.


    PSS Really good illustration CommitteeChairman. You get all G's on your card!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    U.S News money.

    "13 scary signs your company is in trouble".

    1) Risks ahead

    2) The company's bills aren't paid on time.

    3) your bills aren't paid on time.

    4) Raises are a distant memory.

    5)The company's leadership is ousted.

    6)Employee turnover is high.

    7) Hiring freezes.

    8) Employees are playing musical chairs. (Colleagues switch Dept.).

    9) You see a lot of closed doors. (more and more meetings happen behind closed doors).

    10) Employee morale is circling the drain. ( when complaints start to outnumber

    celebrations, you have a problem)

    11) Your direction, goals and mission are unclear. (Employes need clear. organized leadership.

    12) Projects are delayed.

    13) The work pace is frenzied and stop-and go.

  • berrygerry

    My money is down on Splane...anyone want to give me odds? It is either Splane or someone else who is going to turn out to be 'Nehemiah'.

    Splane would be the last GB to be fired.

    He`s a dickwad, but he`s as close to being a Freddy as anyone will ever be.

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