Does the W.T have financial problems are are they just rebranding?

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  • millie210

    As to the question in the original post....

    couldnt it be both?

  • TheListener

    Most dubs I know don't know anything about the layoffs but my guess is when they learn they'll just know that armgageddon is coming soon....

    Since their core belief is that this system is doomed, all input to their brains is interpreted to fit that belief.

  • OrphanCrow
    TheRebel: I appreciate the long thread but it seems to have gone of topic.

    That is your opinion. In most discussion 'circles', it is common for participants to throw ideas around to discuss. It is rare that the one who asked the first question gets to control the input of others who are participating.

    To clarify I am not qualified in business, so please explain how the W.T:-
    a) How laying of " volunteer" bethelites even comes remotely close to solving the pursumed financial problems that the organisation has.

    As was pointed out - one of the outcomes of laying off volunteer bethelites is tied up with the WTS keeping tax exempt status for nonprofit activities.

    b) How an organisation does not realise the drastic measure of making " volunteer" employees redundant ". Even mind controlled sheep understand these people have no pension, or paidsocial security contributions, ect ect. Surely this will result in many awakening and leaving, or at least no longer contributing financially?
    I don't get it.

    That is why the ones who have participated in this conversation have attempted to give you some answers. You call that "getting off topic". We don't. We call it an 'open/public' discussion, not one that is controlled and directed by you, the one asking the question.

    Just because you are not getting the answers that you want, does not mean the thread has gone off topic.

  • sloppyjoe2
    There is more to a cost per bethelite than just the monthly stipend they receive. Everything a bethelite is given access to has a reduced price. They get fuel, auto repairs, commissary food, and so on all supplied with a lower price. Food for 3 meals a day 7 days a week, electricity consumption and what I believe to be the highest cost, healthcare. With the 25 percent reduction you can cut all of that out plus whatever these 25 percent do for work can it now be done electronically or by machine? The costs begin to start to build. This isn't a business to be extremely profitable, they merely want to have more money coming in than going out. As far as waking people up, everyone seems to forget that they had lay offs from bethel out of no where back in the early 2000s. People then who had been at bethel for years were reassigned as pioneers, because, the preaching work needed to be done more quickly. JWs have no memory at all, not one I have spoke to even recalls that being the reason the last time this happened. There was no "waking up", all those people just went where they were reassigned and moved on. The same will happen again.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    No I get the answers OrphanCrow and they make me feel like I could cry. What the Watchtower is doing is a sin, a crime and something I can't even attempt to put into words.

    But I also know business is built on property. The W.T " had" that property empire, which they have relinquished . And that makes no sence to me.( Except money problems)

    But why sell prime property in Mill Hill, worth hundreds of millions and worry about the cost of volunteer bethelites?

    I can see the negotiations now, they sold the Bethel in Mill Hill and it was negotiated in how many £millions? W.T offer this, the buyers offer that and give or take a few £million everyone is happy.

    So what I don't understand ( and I may be simple) but why do they not make the "volunteer" labour redundent when they move to new premises? Why make an issue of downsizing when it's a peanut figure if they can simply make them redundant in the near future?

    OpenCrow, Please ball point how, the tax status effects my above comments, and requires such instant and immediate attention from the W.T? To my understanding new laws regarding tax, are never back dated but take effect at a future stipulated date from when the new legisstation came in to effect.

    The Rebel.

  • GrownMidget

    The only rebranding I've seen is during their movement to internet time. They scrapped the tower logo and chose the light-blue color and signs. There seem to be some big public booths during book conventions where they try to share their literature to visitors, so maybe that's the "rebranding" you mean.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    At the risk of getting egg on my face, I am 100% convinced that the Org is suffering potentially life-threatening financial injuries as a result of severe losses in the Stock Market, and/or because "someone" within WTBTS has emulated Nick Leeson and has recklessly abused their power.

    Whatever the case, the Org has been forced to implement all the recent changes.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The Searcher, I won't give you egg in your face, but mud in your eye to you, that's a bloody good answer. The only way to explain selling prime property in London, is if you gambled the equity and lost.

    I mean why build a property empire and sell the " London real estate" unless you gambled and lost the equity on that asset?

    No self respecting business would ever sell real estate in London, unless they are daft, or desperate, because it's f,,king hard to buy again in the future, and twise as expensive.

    The Rebel.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    The org will not die out. Nor is it on it's way to dying out. People keep saying this but I really don't believe this. Yes, they have been down sizing like crazy but they won't die out, here's why I say that: They may even at one point stop the school of Gilead if they can no longer afford to send missionaries into the field, but they will just spin that there are enough missionaries in the current field now and the big A is so close anyway. JW's will eat it whole with the right spin as they have with everything else. They will become essentially more electronic than they are now, more on line than they are now. Print less. That's it. Am I wrong?
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Leave!thePlayingField " The Org will not die out. Nor is it on its way to dying out....

    The Rebel : first you have a great name " Leave!ThePlayingField". Second your correct, " the org will not die out" But my definition of " Religion" is " Money" and my definition of " money" is "property". So whilst I agree the organisation is not on the way out, it's selling of property is a reflection of its loosing control on its power to manipulate. So I agree the Org will never die, but its impact to control is waning, and this is symbolic in the collapse of its property empire.

    The Rebel.

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