Did you think this was it for the Watchtower-(Covid)- Well-They are coming back with even greater ZEAL!

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  • hoser

    The latest study about going back to the office after covid reveals that only 20% want to go back full time and most want a hybrid model of work at home and go to the office once or twice a week. I would assume jws would have the same feelings. What will probably be the deciding factor is if they can motivate jws over a tv screen as well as they can manipulate them in person.

  • hybridous
    There is simply no better substitute for face to face interaction.

    Yes, the WT cult especially relies upon lateral/horizontal enforcement of the rules of JW life. The circular firing squad keeps everyone in line, even when the elders can't/won't.

    For some wretched unfortunates (my mother!), other members of the actual physical congregation are the only social outlet. It's either socializing at the KH after meetings, or nothing at all!

    Online religion means a drastic departure from what it means to be a JW, and opens the door to a litany of potential distractions for the believer.

    Once, our motto for WT was 'mainstream or die!'

    Now, I'm wondering - why not both?!

    What will probably be the deciding factor is if they can motivate jws over a tv screen as well as they can manipulate them in person.

    Yes, that will play a large role in their decision making - but standing in the way is the need for $$$! The screen propaganda can be effective, but IMO, not as much as sitting in a room with 80-100 other JWs. The goofy GB are easier to ignore when you don't see everyone else bending the knee.

    These 2 prominent WT concerns - $$$ vs CONTROL! - are now squaring off right before us. I'm keenly interested to see how/where the balance is struck...or if one dominates the other, entirely.

    The chosen path forward could really fracture the ORG - and we should all be so lucky to see it happen.

  • pistolpete

    The latest news on reddit, One post said they read a letter that the lock down will be ending soon.

    However this past Sunday they made another announcement saying they’re not gonna tell you what to do, but that a significant number of the bethel family has gotten the vaccine and they’re now able to resume semi normal activities. And Bethel will begin lifting the lockdown soon.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Who made the announcement above? The latest GB Update #4 didn't give that impression at all. It said that Bethelites had received the vaccination but it was a personal matter. Over 17,000 JW's have died of the virus. No mention of normal activities.


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  • pistolpete

    Who made the announcement above?

    This is what the post says, It was a letter being read to the Congregation.

    The letter was more detailed but that’s what I got from it. Maybe I should ask for a copy of the letter. Feel free to add more if you also heard the announcement.

    And Bethel will begin lifting the lockdown soon.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The letter was read at another congregation too. Where family goes.

    It is one of those we cannot say what to do BUT letters

    My worst fears, being pressured to go ruin my Saturday and other's too

    From reports on how isolated Bethel was they will come down with some other malady

  • Diogenesister
    Yah...and the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 was just a test as well! :) :) :)

    Yup! And if this was a test, what in heck was the Black Death in the fourteenth century??! (Oh hang on, we cured that one, too) :) :) :)

  • Diogenesister
    And Bethel will begin lifting the lockdown soon.

    Just because those selfish old S.O.B. have had their two jabs...all's ok, business as usual.

    If this virus had only affected kids, babies and young people there would have been no Bethel lockdown and meetings and the D2D ministry would have continued for everyone as usual, irregardless of risk !!!😠😠😠

  • Diogenesister
  • Dagney

    I had an interesting observation from a former elder, (out), whose wife is very much in. The comment was that these zoom/online meetings have solidified the faithful. The meetings are easy, no effort, and there are chatrooms where hundreds of JW's from around the world are socializing. I have heard from a relative "no one has a brotherhood like JW's to survive and thrive even in a pandemic." Of course we know that's the cult mind thinking, but this strengthening of the ranks I did not see this coming.

    Another interesting thing happened. In a chat with my "elder" brother a few months ago I told him I was getting the vaccine. He said, rather haltingly, that he had done his research and he wasn't going to get it, and that there were other protocols. I said I had another protocol also before the availability of the vaccine, and I've done my research and I'm getting the jab. So this week he said "the organization" is recommending getting the vaccine, so now he will be getting it.

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